Hi All! Wow. I don’t know where to start with this.. I guess ill start with how I wanted to get started.. If that makes sense at all. I constantly go to bed with all my thoughts wanting to start a blog, and express my reviews, my work, my thoughts on what i read, my thoughts on what I see, movies books, I have so much to say but never knew where to put my thoughts into words for everyone too see! About 2 weeks ago I decided to stop hiding my thoughts within my head, and begin a blog, and what better way to do it then on word press. Im so excited to begin, follow the blogs that interest me, and start this journey of expression… Now a little about me. My name is Tegan, if that isn’t already a little obvious, Im a 19 year old worker and student based in Melbourne, Australia. Im currently studying beauty therapy and skin research, however I would also like to further into photography, film, writing, and journalism. I cant even begin to express my excitement! ah! More about me.. Hmm. Ive been in a relationship with an amazing Guy, named Ryan for almost 2 years who inspires me on a daily basis. My parents, Greg and Christine mean the world to me! They are my go-to’s and although we don’t always see eye to eye, I would do anything for them! I guess for my first post you can expect me to be a little terrible at this blogging thing, But im sure ill get the hang of it ASAP. Living in Melbourne is amazing, one thing that’s crazy annoying though? How quickly the weather can change! If you’ve been to Melbourne, Youlle know what I’m taking about! I graduated highschool in 2012, worked full time for 1.5 years and finally decided, it was time to do something I wanted to do for myself, and began studying a diploma in beauty therapy and absolutely loving it! In need of a facial, massage, mani or pedi next time your in Melbourne? Hit me up ;). I always have my own opinion on every single topic out there, one of the reasons I’ve decided to begin this blog. I’m obsessed with the TV show supernatural, been hooked since I was 11! Young age to be watching all things ogre and ghosts but the story line is just too good not to get hooked! I run a Ryan gosling fan blog also, with 10,000+ followers on tumblr! I know.. It’s a little sad but Ryan Gosling is too much of a hunk not to be appreciated! ;). As Youlle get to see, I’m very passionate about what I write about, and cannot wait to begin this journey and meet some incredible bloggers along the way! So don’t be shy to come say Hi! Oh look, that rhymed! ;)!

Tegan Audrey XIMG_6299.JPG

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