The ‘Get to know me challenge’

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For my second ever post, i thought id make it all about me.. yet again. Alittle selfish, I know, But i do always struggle with telling people about myself in general, so I think these questions may be able to help! Lets do it!

1. Your Middle Name? Audrey is actually my middle name!

2. Current favourite Book? Id have to say ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ I fell in love with it after the first paragraph! Such a well written book.

3. Biggest Pet Peeve? People who stick their nose in someone else’s business, as well as people who feel the need to lie constantly to benefit themselves.

4.  Worst movie you’ve ever seen? Oh my goodness. I cant remember the name! But it was a horror film with the most terrible story line and terrible actors. I actually regretted wasting 90 minutes on it.

5. Your Favourite number? My Favourite, and lucky number, is 7.

6. Any tattoos? 3 in total. 2 i am proud to have, and 1 I completely regret! My crappy one is a ‘promise’ on my pinky finger, done when I was 17 and the two I am proud of are a quote on my ribs which says ‘ Words cant say what love can do’ and on my neck i have my parents birth years in roman numerals.

7. Favourite Colour? 1 have two, Im really undecided on a Violet and dark, sea Blue.

8. Favourite Romantic Movie? I think this may be every girls on the planet, but The Notebook. Ive seen it over 500 times, and thats not a work of a lie!

9. The first 5 words you think of that would describe you? Oh wow this is hard for me, because I don’t usually say anything positive about myself- But Caring, Trustworthy, Honest, Hard Working, Opinionated.

10. Do you have any pets? I have 2 Dogs. Duke, a 5 year old lab cross, and a 3 month old named Karma, she’s a Mastiff x German Shep. I love them to death!

11. Would you rather be stuck in a haunted house for a night or chased by a shark for 1 minute? Wow. Both id actually hate! I hate sharks, and i like watching horror movies, not being stuck in one so I’m totally avoiding this question.

12. Biggest turn on? Mmm.. Being hugged from behind is a small one. I feel so safe and comfortable when this happens, and a bigger turn on? definitely neck kisses.

13. Biggest turn off? People who are ignorant and don’t show any interest into their relationships. Also men who thinks its cool to completely flirt and speak to other woman while in a relationship.

14. Favourite Food? Hmm.. Well I probably eat chicken the most, As i try my hardest to be healthy, but my favourite food would most likely be, anything sweet. I get the biggest sweet cravings, but nothing overly sweet. Something like dark chocolate.

15.  Last Movie you watched: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

16. Your favourite male singer? Please, Please, Please do not judge me on this, and think that my posts will be all about this person because you are WRONG, But I would say Justin Bieber. If you haven’t listened to some of his newer music, I suggest you do. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith are very close behind though.

17. Your ideal day? Mine wouldn’t be something extravagant, it would be a BBQ with my boyfriend, my close family and my dogs, surrounded by a big screen to watch my favourite movies and just sit outside for hours, id also want to add a nap in there somewhere.

18. How old are you? I turn 20 on December 7th.

19. Favourite Drama show? Im obsessed with the Australian TV Show, Home and Away, however the TV show Supernatural is always one ive been obsessed with too!

20. Last time you cried? On Monday night.

21. Something that really annoys you? When someone thinks that i chose the ‘easy way out’ by doing beauty. Beauty is not an easy way out. It is not a tafe. I study 5 days a week just to get good grades. Beauty isn’t what everyone thinks it is.

22. The time you usually go to bed and the time you wake up: Im usually in bed by 9:00pm and away by 5:00-5:30 for a 7:00am start at work. Yes, I am super sleepy during the week.

23. 5 words to describe your partner if you have one. Ah, Ryan. He is legit the most amazing human ever. 5 words wouldn’t even cut it, however the first 5 that come to mind are- Loving, Intelligent, Caring, Funny and Understanding, But he is so much more then just those.

24. Something that really gets to you? My weight. No matter what I lose, I am never happy and generally conciser myself to be fat and disgusting.

25. Last country you visited? America.

26. How tall are you? 172 cm.

27. Bestfriend? Honestly? My Parents.

28. Someone you look up to? My Dad, He has gone through a lot lately, and to find out he is now going to the gym to get healthier and stronger, I am so so proud.

29. The most annoying thing about you? I can be a little too opinionated and a little  bit selfish when it comes to things I want to do. Im working on that.

30. Last person you called? My Mumma.

31. Favourite Cartoon Show? Family Guy because its so ridiculous and the Simpsons because I grew up on it.

32. Your biggest fears? Getting old, Im still trying to come to turns with that. Spiders, Snakes and Sharks, the three S’.

33. What Makes you happy? Being around my Family and My Boyfriend, Seeing them happy and healthy.

34. Something that stresses you out? My weight and trying to save my money. As well as the health of my loved ones.

35. Favourite Song? Currently? Id have to say Ed Sheerans whole new album.

37. Favourite Male Actor? Ryan Gosling, Ohhhh yeah!

38. What would you say to the people thinking about following you? Hello, How are you?

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