My Weightloss Story.

This is a story I find it hard to tell, just because it’s so personal and it really hits home. Weightloss. Being only 20 years old now, you may think it’s hard for me to have a Weightloss story for the fact of being so young, but I do. At the age of 12, I was pretty chubby for a kid. I was extremely lazy, ate at all hours of the night and hardly did any activity. As I was younger 5-10 I was swimming, doing exercise and being active, but after this, I did let myself go as I became a little older and ate what I wanted, stayed up all night, ate way to much and of course, stacked on so much weight. As I hit high school and became a teenager, I became very self conscious, as you guys know kids can be very cruel. Sadly, at this stage I became to starve myself which only ruined my body more as my metabolism slowed down. I guess I was trying to do whatever I could to change the way I looked. I began to eat hardly anything daily for over 3 years, then would binge and then starve myself, It was a never ending cycle. Once I hit year ten and became interested in boys (as us girls do) I realised I would really have to change the way I looked as no boy would be interested in a girl as ‘ugly and fat as me’ is what I used to say. I however still continued to starve then binge even knowing it was bad for me, and it ended up stuffing my metabolism up for he long run. I regret that the most. In year 12, I met Ryan, , my current boyfriend still to this day and decided if is as lucky enough to be with him he deserved to be with someone who was more fit ( he never ever told me I had to lose weight, I took this on myself) I joined a proper gym as my previous gym had hardly any equipment and no qualified trainers, and got a program written for me and learnt to incorporate weights. I did this for a good year. Ate a lot healthier, however admittedly ate way too many cheats In between, began weight training and 3 days of cardio a week. I lost a little bit of writ but with the effort I was putting in it was not enough compared to what every other person I knew was getting, doing less work then is as! So sadly, I began to become depressed. Cried every single night, wouldn’t let my boyfriend touch my skin, wouldn’t wear jeans as I hated my legs, everything I could do to hide my body as it literally made me sick. I knew deep down my mind set was not good but I couldn’t help it. In 2013 I signed up to ashy bines bikini body challenge, as well as still continuing at my gym, on top of that started going to the gym in the morning. I was doing 3 workouts a day. Fasted cardio, gym weights and cardio, and then going and doing an hour of ashy bines bikini body challenge boot camp. It was horrible. I was tired, exhausted and on top of that NOT LOSING WEIGHT! I would cry and cry and cry, it was really affecting my relationship as I hated he way I looked and I could tell it was frustrating my boyfriend. I became extremely tired of spending so much money on diet books, boot camps, workout plans and getting absolutely nowhere. No word of a lie, I spent 5 thousand dollars on programs that claimed to work. At the start of 2014 I decided to go the doctor to find if I legit had anything wrong with me! I had my thyroid checked, blood tests and everything came back normal, my doctor told me that I didn’t need to lose weight, however being depressed and constantly stressed was not helping, so I decided to try my hardest to change my mindset, change the way I looked at the situation and try my hardest to be happy within myself. I cut back my training, ate well during the week and gave myself ONE proper treats on the weekends (of course I slipped up time and time again but not as much as previously) I lost a few kilos but then added some of them back on with muscle building, through a weights program written by a New Zealand trainer. I still slipped up with how I looked at myself though. From being young and being called fat by everyone it sticks with you and really hurts your self esteem. My boyfriend was incredible though, always telling me he loved me and that I didn’t need to lose weight, but I did. I cut out the crap I was told by everyone else and listened to my own body. I ate healthy, incorporated carbs back into my diet, gave myself treats so I wouldn’t binge eat, worked out 5 days a week and didn’t over to it and finally lost a chunk of what I needed too. I will say this though, I am nowhere near happy still with the body I have and of course I have reached another platue, but I know not to let it get to me, to push through, everyone’s different, progress is different for everyone. I’ve gone through a constant struggle for years hating the way I looked, over working my body and constantly crying ( which I can still do when I look at my body, I’m only human) but I’m learning and focusing on trying to change that. I’m not happy with my current body, but I know that I need to be proud of my progress and keep pushing through. I guess my advice from this post is that do not listen to what everyone else is telling you about your body. No one knows your body like you do. Everyone has their own opinions on how to lose weight. There are also SO many frauds out there who try to sell you products, teas that say they ‘burn fat and make you skinny’ a load of bullshit if I do day so myself as they only work as a laxative. The way to weightloss is simple and something you don’t need fakes to tell you. Healthy eating, exercise and a very happy mindset. Be happy in yourself. Weightloss takes time and consistently, for you to be happy with yourself and don’t let it consume you. If you are happy with yourself, that’s really all that matters. Be happy, be healthy and do what makes you happy.

Tegan Audrey X


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