Thoughts on Australian Big Brother cheating Scandal.

If you are Australian, You may of heard about the cheating scandal going on in the Tv show, Big Brother this year. Now, don’t judge me! I’m not usually the one to watch these shows religiously, but recently I’ve been tuning in to see what the big deal is. Even if you aren’t a fan of the TV show, or don’t know what the hell I’m on about, I’d still read on because the whole situation has Australia divided if what’s going on is right, or wrong, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Okay, So, Big Brother Australia is currently airing. If you live under a rock and do not know what Big Brother is, I will brief you. Big Brother is a show where they send all different personalities of people into a large house, to live for 3 months with each other. The housemates nominate people to evict weekly, usually people they obviously don’t like or think are a threat  and the housemate with the least votes to save by the public, gets evicted. At the end of the day,  The house mates come out of the show thinking they’re famous, its really very funny. Anyway, Every year there is obviously Drama, and this year’s main drama is revolving around two of the house mates, Lawson,23 years old and Cat, 31 years old.  It was a bomb shell that no one really saw coming until around 3 weeks ago. Lawson has always been a good friend to Cat in the house. He comforts her, hugs her, talks with her, helps her when she’s down, As a lot of ladies appreciate when they are down and upset, However, Lawson has a girlfriend on the outside of the Big Brother house. They’ve been together for 5 years. Cat is completely aware of Lawson’s relationship status. With the affection Lawson was showing Cat, she began to develop feelings for him, and instead of trying to shut them out for the fact that he is committed to someone else, She acts on them! She lets him know how he feels, makes sure she is constantly close to him, gets undressed around him, flirts with him, everything under the sun to try and get him to feel the same. Don’t get me wrong, I know it takes 2 to tango, and this is where it gets worse. Lawson and Cat decided it would be better to be apart for a while so her feelings could have a chance to disappear, but let’s be realistic here, you are stuck in a house, sleep in the same rooms, eat in the same kitchen and even shower next to each other, so please, explain to me how you are going to ‘ignore’ each other. Exactly, they can’t. Cat decides she’s ‘over’ not talking to Lawson and invites him to ‘The Sanctuary’ A romantic hide away room with candlelit dinners, a private pool, spa and bed. A complete getaway from the other house mates. Of course, Cat becomes even more attached to Lawson, makes a move and kisses him, as sleeping in the same bed wasn’t already bad enough. So there it is. Lawson, labelled a cheater and his girlfriend on the outside world humiliated. You think that’s bad? You aint heard nothing yet. When the two return to the normal house, the deny anything happened, but its all on camera and Australia’s already seen it. Lawson felt guilty straight away and spent hours crying to Big Brother admitting he had made a mistake. At this stage, I thought ‘hey, he’s human he’s made a bad mistake but at least he realises that. Oh how I was wrong. Cat and Lawson then began to try the thing where they stay away from each other, you know, that thing that worked so well last time? Anyway, A few days go by, and we fast forward to last night on the show. Big Brother throws the housemates a party, and of course, they all get tipsy. The night it coming to an end and Cat and Lawson are in the clothes room together, Cat decides to get changed and flash Lawson her Boobs and claims it was an ‘accident’. Lawson, being a typical, tipsy male is happy by the ‘accident’ The two make there way to Cats bed to ‘talk’. Lawson tells Cat that she can ask him anything honestly, and he will answer with the truth. First Question Cat asks? ‘Do you like, like me?’ I’m sorry, but this lady is supposed to be 31 years of age, and asking this man, well a boy if you ask me, if he “like,likes you”. Really? You know that there is thousands of people watching, as well as Lawson’s current girlfriend, and that’s what you ask him? Anyway, Lawson admits it! Admits he likes her and then makes a move on her. The two spend ages kissing and grabbing and kissing and grabbing, showing that neither of them could care less what anyone thinks of them at all. Oh still, that isn’t the worst part. Cat then tells Lawson after 40 days of knowing him, that she loves him and that they will get through this together. And guess what Lawson does? Yep! Says it back to her. Now that you’re up to speed with the story ill express my opinion on the matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for every single person finding someone that makes them happy, someone that they love and want to be with, I am absolutely all for that, BUT, and this is a very big BUT, If you are in a committed relationship, that has been going on for 5 whole years. 5 years of being together, growing together, knowing each other’s friends, family, becoming a part of each other’s family, there is absolutely NO way in hell, that you should be cheating on this woman, with another  woman, especially on national television for the world to see. There is a beautiful young lady out there, who would have already been worried about letting her boyfriend go onto the TV show in the first place, who has had to watch her partner, that she has been committed to for 5 years, tell another woman that he loves her, and passionately make out with her right in front of her eyes. Now I tell you, If my boyfriend of 2 years, cheated on me in our day to day lives, I would be absolutely heart broken. It would tear me to absolute pieces, let alone have it show cased for everyone to see over the TV. I scroll through my Facebook daily and see the official Big Brother like page, throwing up headlines to get ratings which say ‘CLAWSON GETTING IT ON’ or ‘THE KISS THAT’S ROCKING THE HOUSE’ Now I understand it’s a TV show, and that’s a way to pull people in and get more viewers, I totally get that, but I cannot help but feel for Lawson’s outside girlfriend, who has to sign in to her Facebook and see all these posts, turn on her TV and watch her partner cheat, while she’s at home being committed. Now I get it, some of you may say ‘Why doesn’t she just shut her Facebook down, not watch the show and go out and have fun’ I totally see that point, and somewhat agree with you, But knowing that thousands of people have seen what’s happened, and that your partner after 40 Days, has told another woman he loves her, it’s devastating, and I completely hope that this woman, Candice, has realised she deserves much better and can hold her head high and move on, As for Cat and Lawson, I can’t say the same. Lawson, Lawson, Lawson. You come into the house, full of ego and a ‘I’m the boss’ attitude, I’m surprised a girl showed interest in you to begin with, as harsh as that may sound. You knew from the beginning that what you were doing was wrong, so why not have the decency to wait until your back home and sort the mess out,  or at least have the respect to end things with Candice before entering the house if you didn’t think you could be faithful. You know your cheating, you’ve admitted you’re doing the wrong thing, admitted that you won’t end it with Candice until she ends it with you, but continue to play happy families with Cat? I don’t know what’s going through your head boy, I really don’t.  You understand that when you leave this fantasy world and fantasy house and come back to the real world, you aren’t hidden, You have the whole of Australia judging you, You have responsibilities, a reality to return to, and you know what, yours wont be pretty. You may be happy now, stuck in a house, not able to see what others are writing about you, not worrying about who your hurting and what your doing as you aren’t suffering the consequences right now, but buddy- Big Brother will soon be over and you’ll return to a world with many more problems then just ‘who am I nominating for eviction this week’. Now like I said, I believe in love, I’m currently in love, but It took me a long time to go from a strong like for my boyfriend to true love for him, and I knew I meant it when I first said it to him, You’ve known each other for 40 Days, and telling each other you love each other like you’re a married couple? Get real! I know it takes two to tango, and Cat you aren’t innocent either. Yes, you are the single one, I get that, Australia gets  that, but being a female you should know the respect code by now, especially being a 31 year old woman, who’s previously been through a divorce, that if someone is in a committed relationship, you don’t go there. You don’t keep pushing it on a person. You are a 31 year old woman, acting like a 16 year old teenager! Grow up!

What annoys me the most about this situation? That they continue to have no guilt for what they are doing. What I’m looking forward too? When they get back to the real world, that’s when it will all unfold. Cat and Lawson, you may ‘love’ each other now, but when you get back to your normal lives, with almost 10 years apart in your age (Not that age matters, that isn’t my point here) with different age groups of friends and the people you hang around with, who knows things may be A LOT different. I guess I am getting very worked up about the matter. Maybe its because I’ve been cheated on before, but I don’t agree that cheating, in any way shape of form is okay, or acceptable.

To Candice, Lawson’s Girlfriend – Hold your head up honey, hold it with pride. Go out, have a drink and enjoy yourself, You’ve just gotten yourself out of a relationship with a cheater, and can move on with your life!

Now, if by any chance, you took the time to read all that,I take my hat off to you because there is a lot of anger and bullshit above, and I’m sorry, but the situation really has been bugging me all day. Now, Id love to know your opinion on the situation!

Till then, Have a great day.

Tegan Audrey X

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