So, as some of you may or may not know, I’m currently studying the diploma of beauty therapy at an amazing, well known college in Melbourne. I am absolutely loving the course, but lately there have been a few peoples comments that have really, truly pissed me off and something I feel the need to discuss.

A lot of the time, the response I get when I tell people I’m doing beauty therapy, is positive, but some of the time, the response is downright rude and frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for everyone having their opinion, but there’s a difference between just having your opinion, and putting others down for the profession they have chosen. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have the complete wrong idea of what we study when we are completing a diploma course. For example, I have 10 intense months of studying the body, all aspects including the skin, bones, muscles, nutrition, cells and body development before I can even be qualified to touch the skin of clients. These units are extremely difficult to pass and take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Some people have the idea that  someone who studies beauty ‘took the easy way out’ and ‘can’t be bothered’ doing a different course, so chose as they say the ‘easiest, dumbest option’ This couldn’t be more wrong. I chose to do this diploma back in year 12 as it opens up so many opportunities for me and my future and I knew when I chose it that it would not be easy, there is a long process involved. Years of both practical and theory work that needs to be done, years of hands on training and understanding the skin, understanding the body, understanding every aspect to ensure each client gets what they want when attending your salon or clinic. The amount of work and effort I have put into my course so far, makes even myself proud. For someone who is studying a different profession to beauty, and whom has no idea what the course includes, but thinks they know exactly how ‘easy’ it is, are wrong. When I come across these people, they think that a beauty course is ‘for drop outs who want to do makeup and fake nails’ I kid you not, that’s what a lot of people think a beauty course is all about. This is so far from the truth that you could possible get too. Beauty opens up so many doors. I study all aspects of science, all aspects of our bodies and our functions, products best for our skin, business as well as all of the practical classes of manicures, pedicures, basic and advanced facials, waxing, spa, ambiance, hot stones, massage, theatrical and glam makeup, just to name a few. There is much more to the industry then what some people think.

Doing this course will open up opportunities to study cancer research and further skin related problems in the future. Doing this course could have me working at the most beautiful spas in the world, Its lead me to be able to open up my own business. I guess the point of me posting this rant, is just for those people who have that opinion but not the knowledge or understanding of the course. Please think before you say, especially if you don’t understand the course or what’s involved. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if I started bad mouthing your chosen profession without understanding what you do. For those who are in the beauty industry, I’m proud of you! I know how difficult it can be at times, keep pushing through!

Tegan Audrey X

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