What keeps my relationship strong?

So, Recently I’ve been asked by someone on my Tumblr to answer the question of ‘what keeps my relationship strong ’I thought about what my answer would be and thought, why not make a blog post about it instead, to really be able to explain. WARNING to all, this post may be a little bit mushy and cute so if you don’t like that, It’s okay, you can stop reading, As I’m going to give the back story of how we met and got together. If you don’t want to read about how we met, then you can scroll down to the next paragraph to where I answer the question!

I’ve been with my boyfriend Ryan for 2 years. I actually remember the first time we ever spoke! It was New Year’s Eve, 2011 and he was up at his holiday house and he was friends with my best friend who also had a holiday house up there. She called me to wish me a happy new year before she got too drunk(typical of my best friend) and she put Ryan on the phone. I’m not joking here, when I say his voice automatically made me feel an attraction to him. He then added me on Facebook. At the time, I didn’t think much of it as we would only speak every now and then and I thought he lived a lot further away then he actually did, plus, we hadn’t even met yet! Us talking every now and then went on until a few weeks before Easter, 2012. I was currently studying my final year of high school and was stressed out to the max when my best friend invited me up to the holiday house where her and Ryan both went, for Easter. Why would I turn that down? I was told by my best friend Jade that she was going to get Ryan to pick us up from her house and we would all go together from there. At this stage again, I also thought nothing of it. So he rocked up to pick us up, and honestly, the first time seeing him, I became a blubbering mess. I didn’t know what to say, how to smile, how to talk at all! I was so nervous and so concerned with his first impression of me. I kept staring at him through the car mirror (creepy I know) but I was just so nervous! We arrived at the holiday houses and ended up all staying in Ryan’s house. In the end, Ryan made the move of telling me to stay in his room and watch movies. We were only up there for four days, but within those four days I knew I was starting to like him. We returned to Melbourne, and sadly I thought once we were back, Ryan would want nothing to do with me, however we still continued to text and talk all the time, which constantly kept me happy and smiling. I loved talking to him! After a few months, we ended up starting to see each other, and I was really falling for him at the stage. We spent almost every weekend together, he would put up with my mood swings, and just be there for me when I really needed someone! I’m a very self-conscious person and never gave myself a compliment, and hate the way I look, but Ryan always made me feel good about myself.  Anyway, fast forward to December 8th, 2014. We went out clubbing for my 18th Birthday, we spent the whole night out together, and at around 3:00am on the 9th of December, while we were in the smokers area of the club (romantic I know haha) Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course, I said yes! That’s where our journey really began. I was so proud and so happy to be able to call him my boyfriend. Not many people know, but when we were only seeing each other I was so insecure and felt like I was going to lose him. I wish I didn’t feel like that, but being an insecure person, that’s how I was.

Now that I’ve explained how we met, Ill finally get into answering the initial question. How do we make it work, what keeps us strong? It’s actually a lot more simple then people may think. We trust each other. I would never do anything to jeopardise my relationship with him. I wouldn’t even consider it. He’s the only person I want to be with, so why would I ruin that for anything? He is a caring, loving person and I know that I can trust him to even sleep in a bed next to another girl (not that I’d like that to happen though haha) Trust is a big part of being in a relationship. No trust leads into constant fighting and constant disappointment. No trust leads to isolating yourselves from friends and the opposite sex because your partner doesn’t trust you. Really, If you don’t trust your partner, the relationship isn’t going to last. As they say, you can’t build a relationship if you do not trust. I believe another thing that makes us stronger is not being together 24/7. Do not get me wrong, I miss him like crazy during the week, however it lets us have time to be ourselves, hang out with our family and friends, grow to miss each other and actually have something to talk to when we see each other. I believe that young couples who see each other 24/7 and leave no room for themselves, family and their friends is a disaster waiting to happen. You need to give your partner space to breath and be themselves! Ryan and I have lasted this long because we understand each other. I know how moody and bitchy and bipolar I can be, I know this, but he knows how to calm me down instead of making it worse. He knows how to react with any mood I’m in, he knows how to show me he cares, and I love this about him. He knows also, that I will be there for him through absolutely everything, He knows id do anything for him, and that’s what keeps us strong. We give each other compliments, we insult each other too, we joke about stupid things, and laugh all the time together. He understands my silly side and I understand his. You just know you are with the person you love when you can’t wait to see them and still get butterflies when you’re with them. I know these points are so simple but they are KEY. You cannot have a successful relationship if you do not trust, understand or accept your partner the way they are. My relationship with Ryan in my eyes keeps getting better, because we get each other and we get what we want and need.

Just trust, put your heart into your relationship, and be yourself. If it’s meant to be, it will be

Tegan Audrey X .

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