Turning 20!

So.. On the 7th of December this year, I’ll be turning the big 2-0. It may not seem like a big step to a lot of you, but its a big step for me! I remember spending so many of my young teenage year just begging to be 18 already, It felt like it took forever to reach 18. The days went so slow and i was counting down from 16! And as soon as I turned 18.. BAM! The time absolutely flue. I cannot believe how fast the times gone, and now I’m about to say goodbye to my teenage years, and hello to my twenties! Its such a strange feeling, but so sad at the same time. I dont know if im ready to say goodbye to my teenage years. Its scary, we really dont appreciate them, until they’re gone. For so many years my Father has been telling me ‘enjoy them, embrace them, they will be gone before you know it’ and I would brush it off like it was nothing.. but he was so right. They do come and go so quickly and its something I didn’t appreciate as much as I should. I guess I cant change the past, but I can improve the future. I declare, that i will make my twenties amazing. i WILL work towards my hopes, my dreams and what I want to do, I will push myself, take risks, live life to the fullest, because thats what lifes about right? taking risks, learning, making memories, chasing and living your dreams.

Heres to my twenties!

Tegan Audrey X

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