Simple 25 Question ‘About Me’ Tag

What is your middle name?: Audrey

What was favourite subject at school?: Im in College, I love science.

What is your favourite drink?: I really do enjoy ice cold water, or ice cold ice tea!

What is your favourite song at the moment? Anything by Ed Sheeran!

What is your favourite food?: I love sweets, but ever since I began eating healthy I get sick from only eating a small amount before feeling sick. I dig toasted sandwiches as simple as that is!

What is the last thing you bought?: Toast and Chai Latte

Favourite book of all time?: The Notebook

Favourite Colour?: Blue and Purple

Do you have any pets?: Yes! two dogs! One is 5 and one is 5 months

Favourite Perfume?: Gucci by Gucci

Favourite Holiday?: Travelling the US

Are you married?: Nope!

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, Once

Do you speak any other language?:I’ve attempted to learn, but I suck! So nope!

How many siblings do you have?: One sister, Renee. Same Dad, different Mums

What is your favourite shop?: I love sass and bide, tiffany & co, Top Shop, Sportsgirl.

Favourite restaurant?: KoKos at crown

When was the last time you cried?: Saturday Morning

Favourite Blog?: Havent been on here long enough to find one.

Favourite Movie?: Crazy Stupid Love, The Notebook, Wolf of Wall Street, The Purge

Favourite TV show?: Supernatural, The OC, Gossip Girl

PC or Mac?: Mac

What phone do you have?: Gold/White iPhone 5S

How tall are you?: 172cm

Can you cook?: Hmm.. Ill be honest, Im not the best ahaha!

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