I guess I need to go on a little rant here. I can’t say much on the topic, as I’m not fully down with the legal side of things or what the government states at right or wrong, but I am going to voice my opinion on the matter, which I believe isn’t really a matter at all. Look, I’m straight. Ive always been straight, and Ive always known that I was attracted to the opposite sex, and only the opposite sex, and apparently because I am attracted to the opposite sex, im ‘Normal’. For ages I always thought. ‘Yeah, Im attracted to men, Im normal’ You want to know why I thought that? Because it was drummed into my head that, that’s what Normal was. That was what I was meant to be. Then as I got older, saw more same sex couples, It clicked. Fuck, That’s normal too. They love that person. They love the way they look, talk, walk, act. They love that same-sex person just as much as I love my opposite-sex boyfriend.  We are told at a young age by so many ignorant people that ‘same sex couples isn’t normal’ Says who? You? Because you’re attracted to the opposite sex? Because it’s not something that you do? I can’t believe for so many years, as I was a kid and as I was growing up, I was told by so many different people what was right and what was wrong.  That’s fucked. Excuse my language but it is.  If you love the opposite sex, Great! You love both sexes? Great! You love the same sex as you? Great! You know why? Because as long as YOU are attracted to the person YOU love, and that’s who YOU want to be with, then who the fuck cares.

Everyone is so hung up about what same sex couples are doing. No offence and this isn’t taking a dig at opposite sex couples, being one myself- But so many take having children and a family for granted. So many babies and young kids are taken away from parents, who don’t show the love that the children deserve. They lose their kids because they put themselves first, but god forbid, they damn well make sure that a same sex couple do not get to adopt a child or foster them children.  Why? Because they are the same sex? Wow. I know for a fact, If I was to pass away suddenly and I had kids and A friend of mine was in a relationship with the same sex of them, Id damn well feel comfortable with leaving my kids with them. Why? Because I know that if they love each other, and their life is stable and they are happy and committed, they will love my child like their own.  They will support my children and always ensure they were safe and happy. Why should any rights be taken away when we are all human and all have the right to love? Like I said, I don’t know the background story of where marriage has been legalized or what each state allows, all I know is my opinion, on what I feel is right and what I think is completely unfair.

I used to walk down the street as a Kid and watch parents, these grown adults shake their head at happy, same sex couples walking down the street holding hands. Do you not understand how hard it must be for some of these amazing people to come out to their parents about their sexuality? Do you not realize how difficult it would be for them to step out in the real world with the person they love knowing the judgment that lies in the open streets? Fuck. I couldn’t even imagine the strength these couples have to have to do that. And you know what’s really fucked up? That they have to worry about coming out to their family’s. That they have to get scared to hold the person they loves hand while the walk down the street. Newsflash if you didn’t know- we are all HUMAN. We all have the right to do the things we love, be with the people we love, and as long as we aren’t hurting anybody, do whatever the fuck we want. Like I said, I cant go into this topic too much, and this is for the small amount of people who cant let go of the fact that same sex couples are normal and are living so far in the past that they need to catch up with the times. Love is Love. I love my boyfriend with all my heart, And my good friend? Yeah, She loves her girlfriend just as much as I love my boyfriend. Why? Because love is love. To everyone who has a partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend, seeing someone, loves someone, looking for love, happily single, married, divorced, looking for love, Have a great day. Don’t forget to smile and just keep being you.

P.S- To all the stylish gay gentlemen who are sassy as fuck and should work for Vogue. When I see you walking the streets with your cute mimco purses and stylish as fuck hair, Let me tell you, I want to be your friend. You are amazing and I love you. Lets be friends.

Tegan X

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