Hi Guys! I thought that I would begin to do a weekly Monday product review. Anyone who knows me, knows I am always experimenting with new products I find, or trying new things- and half the time I end up regretting what I brought because there wasn’t enough reviews on it, or the reviews that the product had were all fake to promote the product more! So I thought, Maybe I could save another sucker for buying products some money if I review the bad experiences I’ve had, and also help people make the commit to buying a product if I myself loved it and believe its worth the buy! Okay, So onto my first product, I’m a sucker for trying anything that is supposed to help with weight loss, and 98% of the time, I’m NOT satisfied with the product, So to kick start my product reviews, Here is my review on the popular ‘Skinny me Tea’


PRODUCT: Skinny Me Tea.

There’s a tea that is constantly getting sold to young girls and girls with self-esteem issues, who want to lose weight or need help in losing weight. Almost 2 years ago I decided to try this tea. I had seen so many pictures on their Instagram and all these transformations. I’ve always struggled with hating the way I look- and being 18 at the time I wanted something that would help me with my goals as eating healthy and exercising just wasn’t doing enough, I thought at the time it wasn’t anyway. I decided to give it a shot because the photos and the results looked incredible. I searched their website (, found the product, and brought a teatox called the 28 day teatox (I don’t think they sell 28 day teatox any more, they only sell the 14 day teatox to use less product but get more money out of people) I was a bit thrown off by the price, paying $35.00 (which is what they charge now for 14 days) for 28 days’ worth of tea.. Really? But I dealt with it because I thought, hey $35.00 to get one step closer to my weight loss goals? I’m happy with that. So the tea took about a week to arrive, and the way it worked was you took one tea particularly in the morning, and then a different tea every second or third day at night. I must admit, I did enjoy the taste of the morning daily tea; It made me feel more awake and it was great to sip on while I was at work, however the tea that they asked you to take every 2-3 days at night time, was horrible. Not only did it taste horrible and disgusting to drink, however I would wake up around 3-4 in the morning from my sleep needing to use the toilet or vomit (sorry TMI but its true) It would give me the worst stomach ache, I would hold my tummy for hours at night and end up so exhausted because every time I had to drink this tea I would get so, so sick. My parents tried to get me to stop so many times, because they could even see how sick it was making me, but being young and stupid, I kept going thinking that the results would be worth it in the end. I got to the end of the 28 days, took a photo and I was the exact same weight, still bloated, looked the exact same, but felt worse on the inside! I paid almost $40.00 for a complete and utter let down! I spoke to some personal trainers after my experience and they were all in shock that I even tried it, they all has an understanding on the product and told me how bad it was and how much of an absolute rip off it was- they told me the best thing for me to do would be to drink green tea and lemon infused water and save so much money by doing it! I couldn’t believe how right they were! I look back on the decision I made to try the tea and realise how much of an absolute idiot i was! Ive since learnt the best way to lose weight is to stick to a healthy lifestyle change, exercise, drink plenty of water and be HAPPY. Honestly guys, this tea is not only a waste of money but isn’t good for you.The restless nights, horrible taste, upset stomach inst worth it, your health should be your number 1 priority and drinking this tea doesn’t help that at all! Save your money Guys! Give this one a miss!

For this weeks product review Monday, I give this product: 0 STARS OUT OF 5.

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