Over my time studying beauty I am constantly asked by friends and family what is the best way to clean your make-up brushes, as they are sick of spending $20.00 on a bottle of make-up brush cleaner. Now let me just say, make-up brush cleaner is the biggest waste of money! I spend less then $7 on my product and it lasts me months even though I wash my sets of brushes once a week! It lasts ages! Okay so let me take you through the steps of products you need and how to clean the brushes!



1. JOHNSONS BABY COND435929ITIONING SHAMPOO- Make sure when you buy this you select the orange bottle. There is a similar product Johnson’s sell, but that is only a shampoo, you don’t want that one. Always ensure its the orange bottle that says conditioning shampoo.


2. BRUSH CLEANING MITT OR MAT (OPTIONAL) – Dont Panic though, You Sigma-Brush-Spa-6133don’t need to spend heaps of money on these. Sigma do offer a great cleaning mitt, however they cost $30.00 or over and if you are a student or low on money, you don’t want to spend that much! I picked up a little rubber mat with small spikes in it from Daso for $2.80! You can find them at $2 shops as well, as long as it is not a flat surface and there are spaces for your bristles to move around, then that will work! However, if you don’t want to use a mat, you can also use your hands if you don’t mind them becoming dirty with foundation etc!


3. A RUNNING TAP/CLEAN WATER- To clean the brushes and remove product you are going to need a running tap or multiple cups of clean water. I suggest cleaning brushes by the sink so you can remove all traces of make-up and cleaning shampoo.

download4. A TOWEL- Having a towel present to place your brushes on once they have been cleaned. You want this towel to be clean and completely dry when you use it so your brushes stay cleaned and can dry quicker.

clock-045. TIME AND SUNLIGHT- One mistake people always make when cleaning their brushes are that they don’t give their brushes enough time to dry naturally. Give yourself 24 hours or at least 8-10 hours. If possible, also leave the brushes to get natural sunlight when they dry.


1. PREPARING: First thing I do when I clean my brushes is line my brushes from smallest to biggest, just so i can get an idea of how much product I am going to need. Once this is done, ensure that you grab a small bowl and place your product into it, just enough for your brushes. The shampoo/conditioner I use gives you the option of a pump bottle or squeeze bottle. If you are to buy the pump bottle you can also use it to pump product onto your brushes before cleaning. I personally prefer the bowl though.

2. RUNNING WATER: Make sure your water it running Luke warm, You do not want it cold and you do not want it hot, Just slightly warm.

3. CLEANING YOUR BRUSH: Slightly wet your brush Dip your brush into the product or pump product onto brush depending on which way you choose to distribute your product. Using circular motions either place your brush onto your mitt/mat or onto your hand and swirl. ensure you are constantly moving your brush to make sure that all the bristles are able to be cleaned. Once you can see a fair amount of product has come out of the brush, rinse your brush again and use your fingers to move the bristles around to remove any excess cleaner and make-up. If there is still product on the brush and the brush is not the same colour as the day you brought it – complete the process again- Make-up WILL come out of a brush, trust me. Just make sure you are constantly cleaning your brushes.

4. DRYING- Once you are happy with the state of your brush and you know all the product is gone and there is no cleaner left on the brush, use one side of your towel to dab the brush and stroke it onto the towel like you are painting to remove any excess water. Then place your brush on the towel in front of a window and let the brush dry. Complete this process until all your brushes are present on your towel.

5. CHECKING- As stated, make sure you give your brushes at least 8-10 hours to dry naturally (if worse comes to worse, you can use a blow dryer to lightly dry the brushes if you are desperate to use them before cleaning, but doing this too much will wreck your brushes, so try and avoid it). To check if your brushes are dry, run your finger through all the bristles. If they are soft and no excess water/dew is on your finger, you are good to go! If they are still damp, give them another hour or two.

6. KEEPING YOUR BRUSHES HYGIENIC AND CLEAN: Once my brushes are dry, I then wrap glad wrap around the top of the brush where the bristles are present to keep them separate and clean, This is the most hygienic way to keep your brushes and doesn’t take long to do at all!

7. STORAGE: Place your brushes in your brush holder, make up kit, or storage unit and you are good to go! Enjoy your clean brushes that will feel like new each time you use them!

If you guys need any further information or need clarification you can follow me on instagram! @teganaudrey or @teganaudrey_beauty


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