Good Morning Guys and Happy Monday! To kick start this week I’ll be reviewing the Fitbit flex wireless that I was given to as an anniversary present from my Boyfriend in December, 2014. Before getting this product I nagged and nagged for it! I just had to have it! Nothing makes me happier than being able to know how many steps I’m walking, how many calories I’m burning and having a cool little arm band wrapped around my wrist as well! Let me give you a little low down on the product. The slim device tracks your steps. Distance and calories burned. At night it is able to track your sleep qualities and can also wake you up silently in the morning through vibrations. There are many forms of the Fitbit but I’m reviewing the Flex wireless wristband product.

PROS: What I absolutely adore about this product is how easy it is to use. It sits on your wrist just as a wristband would and you give it a little tap to indicate how many steps you have taken that day, when you reach 10,000 steps- which is a daily goal it will vibrate and light up. What is so handy about the FitBit flex is that you download the app, and with the power of Bluetooth and a smart phone, you are able to see how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have taken, how you’ve slept and the distance you’ve walked/run. The app also allows you to challenge other fitbit owners to weekly challenges- you can compete with who can take the most steps each day- A fun way to keep you motivated with your fitness goals. With the wristband, you are able to take the small usb device out of the wristband and change it to a new band with a different colour etc. The colours and styles aren’t limited and you don’t even feel like they are on your wrist. Its come to the point now, that If I’m not wearing my Fitbit I feel naked and worry if I have reached at least 10,000 steps that way. It is so easy to charge. I charge it overnight, once a week and It has always been reliable with battery. There is also a website you can go to and start up an account to keep yourself on track further.  It is constantly motivating me to keep walking, keep moving, and shows me that if my walking levels are low, that I need to be more active that day and move around. The Fitbit is an amazing way to keep you on track. If you are a fitness freak or are trying to benefit your health or become more active, you need the Fitbit in your life!


CONS: When I go onto the app of my Fitbit Its often telling me I’ve already burnt many more calories then I know I would have.  I wake up, walk for only 10 minutes, or travel to work and my Fitbit tells me that over 1500 calories had been burnt, how though? I’ve hardly done anything!? When it comes to calorie counting I personally do not track it from what my Fitbit is saying, I stick to different forms of calorie counting like my cardio machines at gym or look up per how many steps I’ve taken what the calories would be. I don’t have many cons when It comes to the FitBit flex, however I had a pretty disappointing moment with mine last week. I charged it all night, put my wristband on, went for a very long walk and went to check my progress and no lights were coming on. I tapped and tapped and tapped, tried to sync the device with my app and nothing would work. I searched the web for a way to help and I came by heaps of people that the same issue had happened too! The best and most popular answer was that on the fitbit charger, there is a small reset button on the back that you can stick a pin into and reset the device without losing your stats. As soon I did this my fitbit came back on but was very low battery, so I needed to re charge my fitbit, which doesn’t take too long, so in no time I was back using my fitbit! Apart from those 2 small issues, I could not fault the device at all.


The flex is so handy, so easy to use and provides you with information that would really help your fitness journey!

For this weeks product review Monday, I give this product: 4 STARS OUT OF 5.


Tegan Audrey XO

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