Hey Guys! Happy Monday! Is It just me or did last week absolutely fly? I feel like I only just wrote last weeks product review! Okay, so this week I will be reviewing the hair fudge made by Manic Panic.

4 months ago I was getting very eager to go ombre with a stand out colour. I was trying hair chalks and wanting to actually get colours more permanent and real looking in my hair. I went to my local hair dressers and he would not bleach the bottom- He ended up putting a red colour in my hair which made my hair basically look the exact same as before I even walked into the salon! I was so upset! I paid $150 for nothing. I remember saying how I wanted to make the colour more vibrant, so I decided to go to a different hair dresser where they bleached the bottom of my hair then placed a ‘Manic Panic’ purple hair fudge onto my hair. I loved it! I loved the colour change however I until felt like the colour wasn’t AS vibrant as what I was hoping for. I remember, washing my hair for the first time after getting it done and how much hair fudge came out of my hair, the purple was starting to fade so quickly and turning into a weird green colour after 4 washes. I knew if I kept doing the purple the same thing was going to just keep happening, So I decided to try the Manic Panic ‘Atomic Turquoise’ fudge colour. I’ve been using this colour now for 2 months and I honestly am so glad I decided to try it!

PROS: The product comes in a easy to use container, so you literally don’t need to covert the product to a bowl or anything, you can use it just how it is, in the tub. The small container allows me to dye my hair twice without having to continue buy a new bottle every time I want to dye my hair. I found that because my hair wasn’t bleached completely and I had only bleached it once, the colour wasn’t as strong as a turquoise, however more like a teal, and I absolutely fell in love with the colour! At this stage I have no plans to change it any time soon. The teal definitely holds so much better then the purple colour did and I find myself not having to dye it as much as I had to when the base colour was purple. The colour is so easy to apply and it doesn’t even have to be in your hair for too long. When washing your hair, The dye that comes out does not stain your shower which is so important to me, as my bathroom has a white tile shower, so there would be nothing worse than the tiles being a teal colour after washing my hair. Why I keep going back to this product is because the colour range is extremely wide and they offer bleaches and pastel colours also, there is such an incredible range to choose from. I absolutely love having dark hair up the top falling into a teal ombre towards the bottom. It definitely beats just having one plain colour in my hair!


CONS: The price is pretty steep. It costs $25 for a small bottle of the colour which is a lot more then what you pay for a hair dye off the shelf, however I only dye my hair once a month with the ombre colour and I get x2 dyes out of each bottle, so it hardly adds up to being anything when I’m using all of the product efficiently.  Nothing worse than washing my hair and watching the colour run out when I use shampoo. I suggest using a colour enhancing shampoo to try and hold the colour as long as possible. The only other downfall I can say about the Manic Panic hair dyes are how they really do kill your hair, Before Dying it, my hair use to be around 10cm longer, and because of the original bleach and the constant colouring it is harsh on my hair- as expected though, It’s not a natural process.

So Guys, If you’re looking for a semi-permanent vibrant colour to brighten up your hair, I suggest giving Manic Panic a go, they stock them everywhere! (Australia: Hair house warehouse and Price attack are where I get mine from) There are so many colours and shades to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice- The lighter the hair the better the colour will hold- just remember that! Any Questions don’t be afraid to follow me on Instagram:  @teganaudrey and I’ll be happy to answer any of them!

For this weeks product review Monday, I give this product: 4 STARS OUT OF 5.


Till’ Next time,

Tegan Audrey X

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