Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday! I am so so sorry for not posting last week! I was so caught up getting ready for the long weekend and easter and didn’t have access to a computer to post! Yesterday was hell busy aswell, so im back on track today! Just to say sorry I’m going to make this weeks ‘Tuesdays Tips’ a big one! This Tuesdays Tips I’m going to be expressing the small and helpful tips I used to lose weight, as well as what I’m currently doing to lose more! Anyone who knows me knows how conscious I am about my body and my weight! There are previous posts I’ve made which speak about my weight loss and my constant battle with hating my body, however if I have a weekend of bad eating, or I am trying to really focus on losing some weight, these are rules I LIVE by. They are what helped me lose many kg when I first started my healthy lifestyle and factors that definitely help you see results!

  1. LEMON INFUSED WATER: We all know how important it is to drink water. Its so beneficial and so good for us. We need to keep hydrated to function and perform, especially when we plan on exercising. We should be drinking 3+ ltrs a day. One day though, I came across adding fresh lemon and squeezing fresh lemon juice into my cold water. Not only does it give the water a fresh and exciting taste, however it also a natural detox. My bloating reduced dramatically, I was always torn up about why my stomach always looked more flabby than everywhere else, but as soon as I added lemon to my water I was feeling fresh and I don’t feel like my water is boring and tasteless! I drink majority of my water now with lemon and never get sick of it. I throw two full slices in a glass and squeeze a wedge of lemon juice into the cup as well. Don’t hurt your body with the bad detoxes and unnatural ones, use lemon!


  1. FASTED CARDIO: A lot of people say that this is a myth, and a lot of people swear by it, it really depends on who you are and what works for you. When I began my weight loss journey I was not losing the weight I wanted to do, My exercises were becoming boring and I really needed to spice things up. I decided to start going to the gym in the morning before I ate breakfast, and I must admit, my weight slowly started to fall off! However, My progress stumped when I was working out too much. If I did morning cardio, then a gym workout, then boot camp, my weight loss STOPPED. My body was not allowing me to drop any more weight, and I was constantly upset. If you are doing fasted cardio, ensure you are giving your body the fuel it needs. You cannot run a car with no petrol, our bodies are the same. Do not over do it, ill speak about that in another point though. If you are to do morning fasted cardio, stick to a 30-40 minute workout, I did walking/running as well as a short 5-10 minute abs workout before finishing up. It did help me to drop a few kilos, but If I ate something naughty on the weekend or stopped doing it, I gained them back- So fasted cardio can work, but you need to be careful with it.


  1. WEIGHT TRAINING: For 2 years, I was going to the gym and focusing only on cardio. Walking, Riding, Stepping, Skipping, Running. Yes, I dropped a few kilos, but my body looked the same I was still flabby everywhere! 2 years of going to the gym 5 days a week and I still didn’t look anything like how I wanted to look. I decided to change gyms and get a program written up. I was then introduced to weights and I couldn’t believe the difference it made. My body was aching for days after weight training and burning calories while it did that, I was amazed! When you weight train, you build your muscles, Muscle weighs more then fat, and as your body starts to recover from the workout, you burn calories even when you are sleeping or not working out! Weight training makes your workout so much more exciting and your constantly building different muscles. Don’t be alarmed if your weight on the scales however, goes up. You need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. As you burn fat and gain muscle, your weight could go up. Look at your body and your structure change, not the number on the scales, trust me. Over the last 6 months I’ve been working with an incredible PT names Josh (swift) who is based in a different state, however writes up- incredible exercise plans to get you the results you want. A mix of cardio and weight training it scientifically proven to help with your fitness goals.


  1. GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: One of my biggest issues when it came to weightloss was not sleeping enough. I was getting 4-5 hours a night, waking up exhausted and not having any energy to workout. Your body needs to rest and recover before it can function correctly. Ensure you are getting 7-8 hours of rest a night. I used to always sleep with my TV on, little did I know that while I was sleeping my brain was still listening to the words coming out of my TV. I was waking so so exhausted. The best thing I ever did was start to read a book before bed, Sip on a tea and go to sleep in darkness with no distractions, I sleep through the entire night now and always get 7-8 hours! This point is so super important!


  1. NOT EATING ENOUGH DURING THE WEEK- WEEKEND BINGING: This is one of my most hated points, because I’m always guilty of it! I would work so hard during the week, follow my diet to a T, Exercise, drink my water, and then the weekend would come and I would ruin it by eating fast food or chocolates or eating way too much, and because my body wasn’t used to it any more because of my diet plan during the week, I was storing way more fat over 2 days then what I was losing during the week was gaining on the weekend. YOU NEED TO FUEL YOUR BODY. I hate it when my friends tell me they’ve been so good all day because they’ve only eaten 1000 calories, I yell at them! You are not providing your body with enough food! No wonder you are gaining weight and not losing it. You need to eat to lose weight. Sticking to an unhealthy 1000 calories a week? I’m sorry, you won’t get the results that you want. You need to give your body the right amount of food and a balance of all food types! Don’t starve yourself ever!


  1. WALKING: I can’t express how important it is to walk. If you don’t know where to start off with exercise, walk. Walking is such an amazing exercise and really gets you up and moving. Go for a 30-40 minute walk daily and eat a balanced diet, and I guarantee you will see results. Walking isn’t hard, it’s an exercise that you can do at your own speed and pace, and it really helps to remove stress and clear your mind when you do it. I love going for a morning or afternoon walk.


  1. STRESS LESS AND DON’T OVER EXERCISE: One of my biggest tips is this. 2 years ago I was doing 3 workouts a day, stressing about the way I looked constantly and under eating. Did it get me anywhere? No. I put on weight. Your body will not reward you if you DO NOT LOOK AFTER IT. You need to eat enough of the right foods, exercise properly and not overdo it, and definitely try your hardest not to stress about the way you look. Stressing can cause weight gain as well; if you are constantly worried about the way you look you will not see results like you want. If you put in the work, are consistent and happy, the results will come.


  1. ALLOWING X1 CHEAT MEAL A WEEK: Now this may not help or work for everyone, but I found that when I allowed myself x1 cheat meal a week, my weight loss was more consistent as I wasn’t constantly craving foods and I wasn’t constantly wanting other foods. I was allowing my body a treat and it worked for me. HOWEVER, don’t think a cheat meal is a cheat day- One meal, not the whole day of unhealthy fatty foods.


  1. BUY A PORTION PLATE: One of the best things I did was buy a portion plate online. Not only do a weigh the amount of food I have but I know how much proteins to have, how much carbs to have, how much vegetables and fruits to have- a portion plate helps out so much. It is a plate that sections off how much carb/protein/vegetables and salads you should have. The plate is a great way to visually see how much of each food group you are having and really allows you to stay on track. I also advise weighing your foods to the correct amounts per meal to know how much of each food you are eating to correctly get the right calories, and grams of each food you are eating.


  1. MIX UP YOUR WORKOUTS: Our bodies are amazing; they are constantly adjusting to what we do all the time. If we are constantly doing the same workout, we are not challenging our bodies, ensure you are challenging your body by swapping up your workouts. I often change it up by ensuring I’m doing a range of classes, cardio, swimming, weights, always giving my body a different exercise that really makes me challenge myself.


Writing this Tuesday Tips made me realize there are so many more weight loss secrets I can share with you guys! I’m definitely going to write a whole blog post dedicated to what I did and ate to help myself lose weight and what I’m currently doing to lose more! Keep an eye out for this post either later this week or early next week! I love sharing what I did, so hopefully I can help someone else begin their journey and not lose hope! I know how hard it is not seeing results and just wanting to know what you can do to help yourself. If these tips helped me, then I’m sure they will help you guys too! If you have any further questions do not hesitate to email me teganaudreyross@hotmail.com or follow me on Instagram @teganaudrey.


Have a safe Tuesday Guys,


Tegan X


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