Hey Guys! Is it just me or do the weeks fly by so quickly these days?! I feel like because my week is broken up with 2 days of work, 2 days of Uni and 1 day off, the weeks go so so quickly! Anyway, For the last 4 months i have been waiting very impatiently for the new fast and furious movie to come out, however I did have extreme mixed emotions about going to see it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big Paul Walker fan and always had a soft spot for him ever since I watched the first Fast and Furious. He made the series so exciting and so intriguing and he was so, so super talented. When he past away, God rest his soul- I was devastated. I didn’t want to believe it and didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that the movies would never be the same.

So finally, Sunday my Boyfriend, Ryan, Asked if I wanted to go and see the movie. I thought about it for a while and decided it was time, because if I kept putting it off, Id just continue to wonder about what happens in the film and how they farewell Paul, So i decided to go watch it.

This review isn’t going to go into detail of the film, because out of respect i feel like everyone who has followed the fast and Furious movies should go and see it and be surprised by what happens, however I will say the movie had a very different feel to the other ones. It definitely lost the comedic traits it had in the previous film. I don’t know if this is because they were trying to give a more serious feel to the movie, or if they didn’t want to be too comedic after the death of Paul, I personally dont know why the comedic trait wasn’t in this film, but it was definitely noticeable. Another thing i realised about the film was the fact that because many important loved characters passed away in the previous movie, Fast 6- It felt like the whole team and family were not complete in this movie. I understand it is just a film, and I shouldn’t be getting so personal, but being a person who has watched the film series for years and years, I became attached to all characters, and when very important and meaningful characters were lost in the previous film, It felt like the complete team was not there in Fast 7, meaning I felt like there was always something missing throughout the entire film, and that the ‘family’ as they call it was not a whole, and Im sure other fans of the series would agree with me.

Going into the film, I was expecting it to have a lot of focus on the characters that had been lost, a lot of focus on cars they drive, a lot of focus on the bond they share, But i believe it wasnt like that at all. It almost felt like an episode of criminal minds, where the team were catching the bad guy and locking him up, Yes it was a side of revenge for what they did to their friend, but i dont believe the movie was on a personal level, It was more of a ‘heres the bad guy, lets make a plan, catch him, put him in jail’.

I went into the film expecting their to be alot more background, alot more focus on the relationships between all the ‘family members’ but thats not what the film was focused around. This, however is not me giving a negative on the film, I am simply saying my expectation was a lot different to what actually went down.

This being said, If I was to watch the film not knowing too much about the previous films and not being so deep into the characters and emotion, and I was reviewing the film strictly on the story line – I bow down to the cast and crew. The movie had some amazing special effects, amazing stunts and amazing characters who we haven’t seen before which really brings the film to life.

Iggy Azalia and fight champion Ronda Rousey make an appearance in the film which is exciting when you aren’t expecting it. What also makes it exciting is the roles they play fit in with what they do in real life, which is actually pretty cool.

As stated earlier, Im not going to go into the story line too much because I believe you guys should see it for yourself and get surprised by the actions that take place but there is one more thing I wanted to speak about.

Towards the end of the film they do a beautiful tribute to Paul. Its probably my favourite part of the entire film. Its so incredibly emotional and so incredibly touching. What I love about it too is because they are still in character however themselves. They are referring to Brian and Paul at the same time when they are speaking and it was truly amazing to watch. They start playing the beautiful Wiz Khalifa song dedicated to Paul and it ends with them going down two different paths driving their cars. Its such an emotional ending and I was crying my eyes out!

I would personally like to give a shout out to Paul Walkers amazing brothers Cody and Caleb who made the film possible by filming the parts that Paul couldn’t do due to his passing. What an incredible selfless thing to do, to keep your brothers memory and spirit alive. I couldn’t imagine how hard that would have been and the memories it would have triggered, and you helped bring to life and film that will live on forever.

On a final note, I must say you all need to see this film for yourselves and experience the talent for yourselves. Its definitely one to go and see with your loved ones or friends.


Until Next Time,

Tegan Audrey X

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