Kmart shopping Haul- What I got for under $100.00
Hey guys! Hope your week has been amazing! So I thought I would change up my posts this week and let you guys in on some of my shopping favourites. I’m currently a student so adjusting from earning a full time wage last year to now halving that and having to budget on everything it isn’t only stressful but extremely hard! Being a student, beauty therapist and makeup artist and having to buy equipment/products can often leave you out of pocket- spouse need to know where to shop and what to look out for! Now I’m not saying buying products that are poorly made or beauty products that have nasty ingredients- just products that are affordable and work well! This is my first hall post/affordable product hall and blog post about it but I’ll definitely start to do more depending on where I shop etc.
This post is about my shop to Kmart – for anyone who is into fashion or beauty and makeup stick around- this post is definitely for you! Okay let’s get started!
I only get paid monthly from my job (I know it sucks, it makes it so much harder) so I need to budget and even that can be extremely hard so choosing what products to buy and what I can spend. The other day I went to Kmart and did a complete hall and got so many products for under $100.00 it was insane! Okay so enough of my babbling on I’ll get into the products and items I bought and what I like about them and their cheap prices!

Kmart Woman’s Boots: $29.00

I adore these! They are super cute, super girly and so stylish! They go so well with black jeans or white jeans too! They’re high and surprisingly easy to walk in! The reason I purchased these is because I am a major boot buyer! They are my favourite shoe to wear! I am not a big high heel fan so when I go out I usually wear a nice pair of boots and these are perfect! They have a massive range so I suggest checking them all out, they’re are so many different styles. And they were only $29.00!!!



Scrap book album: $11.00

X2 Paper stacks for scrap booking: $1.50 each.

So as you guys may know I am majorly into arts and crafts and folio work- I have just started a new project where I’m creating folio looks and makeup looks to go with them from inspiration! That’s a Whole other project that I am so excited to shows you guys but for now let’s continue. The album has over 1000 pieces to use and the 2 books that were only $1.50 each with many pages of cute designs are perfect for my new folio creation! Earlier that day I checked out spotlight and art riots and they were so overpriced for anything to do with scrap booking! To get all of these for under $15.00 is incredible! (Pictured above)
Leopard print canvas shoes: $10.00

I cannot get enough of these cute little canvas shoes! I have different colours but have always had my eye on getting a leopard print canvas shoe but was not paying $100 for them like I saw them for at my local shops! Hell no. I’d rather spend that on makeup.. That isn’t much better… But it’s true haha!!! Honestly though for $10.00 could you really go wrong? They are super cute, super comfortable and go with so many of my clothes! They’re on sale from $20.00 so get your little butts to Kmart!! (Pictured above)
Baked eyeshadow quad: $8.00

I can not get enough of this palette! It is super super cute and super affordable! The colours are so pretty and pearlescent, in the photo I’ve added the colours do not look very visible but once they are on the eyes they do stand out! I highly recommend this quad to any makeup lovers out there- and for $8.00 you can’t go wrong.

Elf Concealer: $8.00

This cute little 4 coloured palette is my go too for cream contouring. I use the darker colours to emphasise my cheeks and the lighter colours to highlight under my eye area and cheek bones! It’s such a handy little kit and so easy to store! It’s nice and compact and the product is easy to apply! When I bought this kit I was worried about the quality and how it would stay on after powder and I was so happy that it stayed on and worked well! Elf has such a great product range and is super cheap and affordable!

Elf eye primer and liner sealer: $8.00

Okay so this was one product I bought and was amazed by it! It is super cool and fun to use! Okay so this stick is double sided- one side is an eye primer which you place on your lids before applying eye shadow and the other side is a brush that you can dip into any eye shadow you want.. And turn it into a liner! It absolutely amazes me- I love this and think it is so smart! Now you can have a glittered liner so easily! I always say how I wish some of my eyeshadow colours come in eyeliners and now that wish has come true- most Elf products are only $8.00 so you really can’t go wrong!

Eyelash curler: $3.00

Yes you read right- $3.00! This Curler is super cute! Smaller then my other ones yet works very effectively and well it comes with a spare liner too which is effective and helpful!

Mint cork board and whiteboard: $3.00

I’m obsessed with this! I am super into organising myself and knowing what I have planned for the week- this cute little half cork board half whiteboard is perfect for that! And $3.00 come on! What an absolute bargain! I’ve never seen one of these boards so cheap! It even comes with 2 magnets for your whiteboard!

X3 OXX eyeshadows (2 quads and 1 duo) : $2.00 each, $6.00 all together.

These are so cute! The two quad eyeshadows supply glittered colours that you can use all 4 for one look. I bought the brown neutral quad and the blue/purple quad. The colours a super stand out and look great on the eyes- I’m a massive fan of eyeshadow quads so these really hit the spot- and they were only $2.00 each so the choice to buy them was a simple one! I also bought x1 duo glittered kit whichever was also only $2.00 – this is a dark purple/black duo and I’m obsessed. The colours work so well for a smokey eye and again, for only $2.00 you can’t go wrong.

Not very important, but I also bought some glue and glitter- but they are average and prices were the same so it’s not something I’m going to bother talking about haha!
All together I paid $92.75 for everything and I was very impressed with all my products and purchases! Super affordable and products that last and are quality products!
I have some exciting news to share about adding videos to my blog by starting up a YouTube Chanel! I hate recording videos with me talking to a camera and I’m absolutely horrible at editing but I want to be able to show you guys products properly and explain myself better so I’ll be doing that very very soon!

until next time guys

Tegan Audrey



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