Hi Beautiful People! Hope the start of your week has been incredible! Today I’m doing a review on my June Bella Box, Yes I know its July but the box for June has only just recently been delivered to my house due to a mishap with my first box which I will explain, so I’m finally doing the review for My June Box!

So, some of you may think I’m crazy and be wondering what the hell a ‘Bella Box’ is. I was the same when I first heard about it. A Bella Box is a small box of beauty products that is mailed to you each month to try for less than $15.00 a month. The boxes are sent out every month to subscribers for you to test, review and then you can even purchase the full size products from the website. I know that in different countries, there are different types of company’s who do these types of subscriptions, but In Australia, Bella Box supplies the products/service. So about a month ago I decided to subscribe to Bella Box, for obvious reasons, I love to try new products and review them, plus I work in the Beauty industry and its my profession so I definitely wanted to keep up with what is hot and what isn’t currently. I paid for my first June Box direct debit from my account and received it after about 1.5 weeks after ordering. I was so excited and I opened the box straight away, but as soon as I opened the box I was very disappointed, their shower gel product had cracked through all of the products, and they were all ruined! I had nothing out of all the products that I could salvage, they all had the shower gel soaked through them and I had to throw the whole thing out. The good news was, I emailed Bella Box and they sent me a new box out free of charge because I sent them photo proof of my damaged products. They were very prompt and quick with their service, I’ll give them that! So, I received my new box last Friday and immediately opened it up because I wanted to check to make sure everything was intact and not broken ha-ha! Thank god, it wasn’t.

I was very pleased with the products in the box, they may be small but they do give you the right amount of product to be able to test things and see if you do like them enough to buy a full size. The sign up process was very easy as well. They keep you up to date via email as to where your box is when its being delivered so you know exactly when you are going to receive it. Their website is the steps will take you through exactly how to sign up and how to custom your box and order. Okay, let’s move away from the boring stuff and move onto what I received in my June Bella Box and what I thought of these products!



Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm tube:

RRP: $6.95 also available at

I adore this lip balm! So the one I got in my Bella Box has Vitamin E and peppermint in it, and if you know me you know I love peppermint! Peppermint chocolate, Peppermint Tea, Peppermint candles, Anything! I adore peppermint so I love putting this balm on my lips! Its incredible! The balm is also loaded with coconut and sunflower oils and essential fatty acids and its perfect to keep your lips hydrated and soft. Its obviously very compact too so it fits in your bag or makeup bag so easily and it bright yellow, so its not hard to find when you need it!


– Compact

– Easy to find

– 100% Natural

– Very beneficial, I noticed a difference in the health of my lips within 3 days of using this.

– Long lasting


  • I believe paying almost $7 for a small stick is a bit steep.
  • The Peppermint can be a bit overpowering, if you aren’t use to it, it will feel like your lips are burning a little.


I would recommend this product to others for sure, Yes I don’t agree with the price, but it is such a popular product and you do get what you pay for, Burt’s Bees is 100% natural and you can tell that it does exactly what is says it does. My lips felt amazing after just 3 days of using this product. Its long lasting too so you aren’t using tubes and tubes of it all the time. Burt’s Bees balm also comes in different flavors so done worry if you aren’t a peppermint lover like myself. If you are looking at hydrating your lips and bringing back the softness, then this product is definitely for you!


Universal Beauty Cosmetics Siren Tint Stick:

RRP: $19.99 Available at

I’m half and half with this tint stick. On one side, I think it’s a great idea and an awesome way to tint your lips, however on the other side; I feel like the colour option provided is way too bright and fake for the colour to ever look somehow natural or correct. The first time I tried this product, I tried it wearing no makeup, and I looked ridiculous, it obviously just didn’t suit, The second time I tried it was when I was just about to go out with my friends and my makeup was done, and it did look a lot better that time. I personally, don’t use this product too much, But for others who love a tint and pop of colour on their lips that’s lasting for a night out, then this is a product you should definitely try.


-Compact stick

-Easy to apply


-Does exactly what it says it’s going to do.


-Price. I personally wouldn’t spend $20.00 on this product.

– The colour of the lip tint isn’t personally my first choice, I toned down colour would be a lot better and definitely more natural

-The smell and taste of it when you either accidently lick your lips or smell the stick. Others may love this smell, but I personally didn’t.


I would suggest this product to a MUA or a Beauty blogger. Someone who is always buying the latest products or someone always experimenting with makeup and loves stand out lips. I would not suggest this product to someone who wears make-up just on the weekends, or has a set way they love their make-up to look or who is not confident in making their lips bolder and more noticeable. I personally won’t buy this product again, unless I can see a colour that I would like as a base.


Original Source Skin Quench Watermelon and Jojoba Oil.

RRP: $4.99 Available at Coles, Woolworths or Chemist Warehouse.

Okay so when I started this post I wrote about an issue with my first bellabox and needing to get a second one delivered due to a complication, My issue was that my box was not secured properly and this product had snapped and all of its contents had ruined all my products in the box. The team at Bella Box obviously replaced my box thank god, but I could not get the watermelon smell off my floor and kitchen bench for days, It was so funny, Well-Not funny then but funny now. Moving on. I do love this product though, I’ve used it in the shower the last few times, and it smells amazing. Its really soft on the skin as well and when using a sponge or luffa the soap really builds up making it so easy to clean your body. The product is also really moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling nourished right before I place my moisturizer on. The product has Jojoba oil in it and it definitely helps nourish your skin throughout winter which is always dehydrating for my skin.


-Super, Super affordable! $4.99 for a 250ml bottle.

-Lasting. A small amount will clean your entire body

-Smell. The smell of this product is amazing, and It does come in different flavours.

-Super Nourishing on the skin and so easy to use and apply.


The container is a cheap plastic and can break very easily (trust me I know) Ha-ha! Just be careful when using it in the shower, you don’t want to drop the Soap. Ha-ha, Get it? Okay ill stop now.


I would definitely recommend this product. The price is incredible, crazy cheap. The branch offers such a variety of different smells to suit your liking and is super lasting. I love this product and how easy it is to use. It does exactly what the bottle says it does and nourishes and hydrates the skin perfectly, and you smell amazing after using it too! Highly recommend to all!


Romy Nouveau Moisturising Body Balm.

RRP: 300ml $38.00. Available at

This Body Balm is used to nourish and hydrate your skin, To test it, I started to use it on my legs after applying the above shower wash. So once I dried off, I would apply this balm to my legs, and I must say It is such a great product! The Product combines eucalyptus and lemon grass as well as super moisturising ingredients to keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and soft. The bottle they give you makes it easy to apple aswell.


-Easy to apply

-Natural ingredients

– Not much product is needed to hydrate the skin

– Smells amazing


-Price.  All though I love the product, I personally don’t agree with it costing $38.00.

– Website. As stated on the card Bella box gives you with product information, there are similar products available online. It is very hard to find this exact product on their website.


Model CO Double Sided Facial Wipes:

RRP: $7.99 For 25 Wipes. Available at Priceline and

These wipes are to remove makeup, exfoliate and cleanse. I felt like for the price of 25 wipes, they should have been a lot better unfortunately. I don’t think the wipes are moist enough, which causes the makeup to not come off as easy. I found that with one wipe, not much makeup was coming off my face, I was actually pretty disappointed with them. One side it used to exfoliate and the other to cleanse, however you can use both sides of many different wipes to do so. I personally believe that the $2.00 facial wipes you can get from Target (Target brand) that come in exfoliation form, sensitive form, combination form, and are only $2. They work a wonder, so I would definitely suggest them over these.


-Smell Nice

-Soft on skin.



-Not as effective as they lead on.

-Don’t take all your makeup off as easy as they lead on.

-Do exactly what cheaper brands do.

So these are the products received in my June Bella Box, Im currently awaiting my July box! I hope this little review was helpful for you all and you took some great information away from this. I hope I save you guys some money on products that aren’t worth buying aswell guys! If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me @teganaudrey.

Until Next time

Tegan Audrey


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