Hi all! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend and are ready for the long week ahead! This weekend I found out that a movie I had been waiting weeks to see was finally out, so I dragged my Boyfriend Ryan to come and see it with me (He acts like he doesn’t like the movies, but secretly I know he loves it) The movie I had been waiting weeks for, was a Horror film called ‘The Gallows’

The film is based around 3 High school kids who attend their school after hours to destroy the set of a play called ‘The Gallows’ that they don’t want to go ahead for opening night. However, 20 years prior to that night, the 1993 version of ‘The Gallows’ did reach opening night, and a student was accidentally hung in a gallows scene and died on set. The kids destroy the set then turn around to realize someone or something has fixed it again and everything looks ready to go. The kids soon realize that they are not alone and some things are better left untouched.

the gallows

The film was made on hand held cameras and I phones so it’s one that takes a particular type of audience to appreciate/enjoy the film. I know that a lot of my friends will refuse to see a film that is filmed like this and prefer the more professional technique, However although I also prefer the professional technique, to tell the story correctly and efficiently it needed to be told through hand held cameras and iphones, It wouldn’t make sense any other way when the story is based around sneaking around after hours at school. The film was not what I expected however. The trailers made it seem a lot more scary and a lot more terrifying then it actually was.  Yes, there were jumpy parts where the hand held camera was moved around a room slowly and things would pop out at you, However there was nothing actually scary involved in the film, In my opinion. There was only one ghost chasing scene and you only get a good look at the ghost one or two times, nothing very scary at all. The suspense and the jumpy scenes were good, however I don’t think enough of the actual Ghost was shown within this film. The trailer shows it to be a truly horrific scary film and I don’t agree with that. I jumped once at a pop out scene and that was it, the look of the ghost wasn’t scary and the movie as a whole was not scary either, however understanding the concept and the story line behind it, the way the film was made via the camera phone and hand held camera as well as the casting was great. The 4 young adults who play the main characters all did such a great job, and their real first names were used in the movie as well, which is different and makes it seem somewhat real. The stand out actor to me was Cassidy Gifford who played her part as the popular high school student perfectly and had the right amount of attitude for the film as well. Reading about the film, I realised it was a real low budget film, and with the amount of money they had to create this film, They did a good job.

There is a plot twist in the film which also has you shocked towards the end of the film, However for all you film lovers who are great with mysteries; you may pick it up throughout the film. If you are a fan of horrors and action within a film, I suggest you do check this out. My personal opinion? I wish I waited until it came out on DVD instead of going to the Cinemas to watch the film, as I think it’s not one you need to see as soon as its out, It’s something that can be waited for. The film has a good story line; however I believe more chasing scenes/more to do with the ghost itself would have been a great idea and would have been a lot more scary/horrific to the horror lovers just like myself. There was such a build-up but in the end such a simple ending. Yes, the ending worked well with the story line, however I believe the build-up of the kids surviving a night in the school the ending completely defeats the purpose of it. For my fellow horror lovers, I hope you all see where I am coming from when watching this film, The concept, and the way it is filmed is clever and appropriate but the amount of scary is just not enough for my liking, especially when the films trailers make it seem like the film is very scary.

Overall, for this film, I am giving it 1.5 Stars out of 5.


Others may not agree with me, and think I’m being harsh, However being someone who loves getting scared from a good horror film, this film just didn’t do it for me, and the build up for it just wasn’t enough in the end. I hope you guys get a bigger scare out of it then I did.

Until Next Time,


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