Hey Beautiful People! I am so so sorry for being so MIA lately, I promise to explain my absence in a new post ASAP but for now, I really want to write a post on fashion.  So as you guys may know, New York Fashion Week is currently on. I have been following it pretty closely.. Well kind of.. I’ve been following what the Celebrities attending have been wearing and their styles and I have to share some of my favorites and some of my least liked choices! Some of the styles have been absolutely incredible and some of them are ones I really don’t think suited the celebrities at all! So I just had to share the looks I’ve loved and the looks I haven’t and who has worn them! Let’s get started.


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I’m sorry, But I cannot get enough of these two at the moment! I know that this outfit that was worn by Kim would have 50% of people loving it, and 50% of people hating it- but I definitely love it! As we know, Kim is currently expecting her second child with Hubby Kanye and the way she rocks this dress is incredible.  The way they colour coordinate together is so cute.. even if it is usually black ha-ha! My favorite part of Kim’s outfit? The bump area. The beautiful material looks incredible on her. She looks elegant and completely rocks the style and we all know she can rock a black outfit. Kanye is a simple dresser, but always makes his outfits look incredible. His jacket is definitely one of my favorite pieces of his clothing, Its sitting the same way that Kim’s is, so its matching and is super cute. I think Kim is making such better choices in clothing in this pregnancy then what she did when she was pregnant with North. I seriously cannot fault these two lately!



I’m sorry, I think Hayley is such a beautiful, talented girl, But I really do not dig this outfit choice. It reminds me of something that could have been worn to the Lizzy McGuire movie premiere back in the day, Its really old school, and kind of Daggy if you ask me! I’m sorry! But that’s honestly how I feel. Hayley has such a cute figure, and I do not think this outfit does her justice at all. The pattern, design and materials used I don’t like. My most disliked part of the whole outfit is the length and the see through material. It really isn’t flattering, nor do I believe it is fashionable. I’m sorry Hayley, but that’s a No from me.



Yes, Okay, I know I’ve kept it in the Family, Kim then Kylie but honestly, Wow. I cannot get over how incredible She looks in this outfit. Going for more of a corporate, suite duo Kylie absolutely rocks it. She has recently followed in her Sister Khloes footsteps, and died her hair blonde and I have to say, She is such a babe! I have to say this is definitely one of my absolute favorite looks from NYFW so far. Kylie can rock a pair of pants, a crop and a blazer- that’s for sure. What I love about this outfit is how elegant Kylie looks. It such a professional outfit and I honestly cannot fault it.  The colour and pattern of the suit is to die for as well as the material hanging down and on top of the crop top. The blonde really suits Kylie as well! The colours work so well together and Kylie always somehow makes her makeup suit her outfit perfectly. I’m so impressed! I’m not shocked though, Kylie has always been such an incredible fashion inspiration, she’s an incredible dresser! I love this!



I love Nikki, I do. I think she is brilliant and so super talented and I usually dig her style but this dress- It was definitely one of my dislikes this fashion week. Don’t get me wrong, I love prints, I love leopard print- but this dress was way too much for me. The different sizes of the spots and the fact that the whole entire dress is leopard print. I really just don’t like the design at all, its way too much leopard print. I may have thought differently if Nikki has taken off the Leopard coat, I think that’s what is making me hate the design so much. Id definitely loose the coat and the outfit would look that much better. On a brighter note, Nikki’s body is looking on point!



Okay I honestly adore this colour on Victoria! She looks incredible! I love the style of this dress too! Victoria has such an incredible body shape and she looks so elegant and beautiful in this dress! A lot of celebrities chose black outfits for NYFW so seeing this one and how bright and pretty it looked, I automatically loved it! The bandage style suits Victoria so well too! Her makeup and hair matches the style, and isn’t too over powering. I cannot get enough! Personally, this dress wouldn’t suite me, I wish it would, but it wouldn’t. I personally believe Victoria has the perfect figure for this dress and I cannot fault it! What a babe!

These are some of my favourites and least favourites to far guys! tell me if you agree with me or completley dissagree, thats fine too! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the fashion week designs have to offer!

Happy Tuesday



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