Happy Monday to all you beautiful bloggers and readers! I hope you all had an incredible weekend and are ready for the week ahead. One thing I know, is that over the weekend I certainly eat a lot of foods I am not proud of, or foods that I wish i didnt eat, but its the weekend, and I do like to enjoy myself over the weekend, but never like the fact of putting on weight! I have a massive weight issue that I struggle with- and keeping healthy is very important to me. If you know me personally, then you would know that in the past I did lost 15kg. Im currently on the journey to shed more weight and become happier with my body, but of course, that takes time. I remember when I originally started losing weight how hard I thought it was. I didn’t know what rules to follow, what to eat, when to eat, what to do and when to do it! Fitness and weight loss is so hard to understand as there are so many different specialists saying so many different things- Who knows what to believe! I know its a hard path, trust me I know- I’m still trying to achieve my goals and its been over 5 years! Its easy for some, and very hard for others, and for me, its definitely very difficult! I have written up 10 tips that I used to help me, personally shed my first 15 kilos. I have learnt alot from personal trainers, my industry, my instructers and nutrition and weightloss specialists throughout my journey and these are some tips from all of them that I have gained, and ones that deffinetley work for me! Please remember that we are all individuals and what might work for some, will not work for others. Please also remember it is so important to love yourself first. This is something I struggle with everyday! You need to love your body and look after it- Remember that before you embark on any weightlos journey! Be safe, Be healthy and Be happy!



  • ADDING LEMON TO YOUR WATER: I absolutely love doing this! Not only does it make the water taste super refreshing but it definitely helps me reduce my bloating and is such a great, natural detox. Al you need to do is squeeze a small triangle into your water and a few slices and you are good to go! Its also great to chuck into your water bottle if you are on the go!


  • Hidden sugars in foods are the worst! Processed foods are full of sugars that are so bad for our bodies, this is why natural whole foods are foods we should be eating- not processed foods like cakes, pies, frozen foods, fast foods- the list goes on and on! Its important to stay as healthy and natural as possible. Just think about what you are eating and if it will benefit your body.


  • This is a big one for me- Its definitely what helped me shed at least 6kg! A lot of people do not believe in it though, they believe it is total BS, But I personally swear by it, and think it definitely helped me a lot! All i did was either go for walks, bike rides, or go on the cross trainer, not for long, only 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week.


  • This is the tip I struggle with the most. I am definitely a massive stress-er! I stress about everything! Especially my weight.. So I know how hard it can be to not stress. The best tip I have for this is to do things that keep your mind off weight loss and surround yourself with positive, loving people!


  • Water is so so so good for us! I cannot begin to explain how important it is to keep yourself hydrated! water definitely is such a contributor to weight loss. Carry around a water bottle wherever you go and keep as hydrated as possible!


  • Soft drink has NO nutritional benefits! There is literally nothing that is good about it! Try and avoid soft drink as much as possible. Yes, I get it, its hard and we all have to live a little, but remember that the less soft drink you have the more the calories can be used on food! .. Healthy food though ha-ha!!


  • I always here that woman are ‘scared’ to lift weights- but its honestly such an important factor in losing weight and toning up. Weights burn calories, tone and build muscles, even when you finish exercising! They are super important and aren’t as boring as doing Cardio all the time!


  • This is another really important tip! So many people i know end up starving themselves trying to lose weight quick, and it is SO unhealthy and will only stuff you up in the long run. Your body is like a car, food is our Fuel!


  • It is crucial to always mix up your workouts! Dont let your body get use to it. If it doesn’t challenge you, it really will not change you! Remember that!


  • Always keep yourself moving. I work in an office, and as a Beauty Therapist a swell as sit in a classroom when I’m studying! I am always sitting! You need to make the effort to stand up, stretch and go for a small walk around the office or just around a few desks. It will burn calories and it keeps your body warm and active.

There you have it guys! 10 of my most simple, useful weight loss tips! I really hope some of them, or all of them help you guys to achieve your goals as I continue on my journey as well! I am always here if you guys have any questions or need support. Do not Hesitate to message me! Happy Monday!

Until Next Time,



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