I have to get real deep and real serious, real quick on this Post guys. I just recently finished reading Justin’s [Bieber] Complex Cover shoot, and I can honestly sit here and say how emotional it got me and how incredible his turn around and how important his views are. I think all of us, whether you love him, hate him, like him or dislike him can take away something important from what he speaks about in the interview. Now what I’m about to say, may make people stop reading this Post or make some of you unfollow me, that’s fine- because I am so proud and so honoured to admit that I have supported Justin Bieber for 8 years. I watched his first YouTube video 2 days after it was uploaded onto YouTube. I remember it clearly, It was the 21st of January 2007. I was on School holidays. I remember my Mother showing it to me- this young boy, up on stage singing Neyo’s ‘So sick’. I remember being so drawn by his voice and the passion and love he had for the music- I was hooked. Now, this wasn’t because he was attractive or because of the famous “Bieber hair” it was because of his love for what he was doing, you could see how much passion and respect he had for music and the industry and that’s someone I want to show my support to, someone who deserves the support, praise and love. Here I am – 8 years later still feeling the way I felt about him when I was 12 years old.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m the same age as Justin, but I feel a strong connection to how he feels, how he reacts and what he does. I honestly feel like I completely agree and understand his views and his points, and that is really important to me. I cannot deny that he has been in the public eye for the wrong reasons- however, you need to remember he is a celebrity, everything he does is judged and criticized. He is constantly being put down and abused- I cant handle it sometimes when I am abused or put down for the things I do- Imagine having the whole world judge you? I am not biased just because I support Justin. I am saying this as a human being, to another human being. Its not about being a popstar or celebrity, its about supporting another human being in what they do.

Justin’s new Complex shoot and Interview was released and I read it straight away, and let me just say I was absolutely blown away and how mature, honest and open minded this young man is. I was so proud and impressed with the way he answered the Questions he was asked and I just have to share my thoughts on the questions and his responses.


“A lot of people who work with you, Including Skrillex, say that you’re hypercompetitive. Have you always been like that? Has it gotten crazier as you’ve gotten older?

His response is to the point, but explains how he’s perspective have changed so much. What he used to think was important and what he cared about has changed as he has. He admits to focusing on the wrong things and states how he wants to focus on the right things and winning.  Justin’s Mind set has completely changed from what it was like in the past. He was learnt from all the things life has thrown at him and it’s incredible to read about how his perspective and vision has changed.


“Skrillex says you’re good at everything. I heard you showed up to a charity ping-pong event and waxed Action Bronson”

Justin explains that he got his identity from being good at things. I can totally relate to this, You feel good and you feel accomplished when you are good at things. Its totally a way of feeling “self-worth” I think a lot of young kids, teenagers and young adults can relate to this. We see people all the time doing things that we cant do and we always try and find something that we can do, and something we can do well because it does make us feel accomplished. Justin goes on to speak about how others don’t like when you are good at stuff. This is also, so very true. There are many people in the world who don’t want success or happiness from others; they get jealous and competitive to the point where it is no longer fun. Justin would still be facing that to this day in the entertainment Industry. I am so proud that he can dig in deep to the questions he is being asked.


“With the competitiveness, is it tough for you to stay quiet when you’re recording?”

I love Justin’s honesty. He isn’t putting an act on in this interview at all. He is being honest and real. I honestly respect that so much. Justin admits to listening to the radio and finding it tough to stay quiet while he’s recording and admits to not liking a lot of the music he is hearing on the radio currently. He admits to wanting to share his music with the world. With this response its so obvious as to how much music really means to him – its incredible.


Justin gives Kanye such a big wrap and explains in such an incredible way what Kanye is like. I’m a fan of Kanye myself, I think he has such amazing talent and he’s creativity is beyond what the world is ready for- Its special to watch him and Justin live in the same time in this world- They are both so influential. Justin explains how Kanye is different, Instead of just saying he likes it he paints a picture verbally for artists to understand. It’s actually a great way to describe it.  I feel like Justin and Kanye can relate- They both want the best for the world, they both want to create, to be passionate and put their all into their work. It’s really special to watch.


“You said you scrapped this album previously because it didn’t match up with your mind set. What was lacking?”

This question really hit home for me. Justin has been trying to find himself for a few years now- and the fact that he stopped going ahead with the album as he felt it was not the right time actually makes me so much more proud of him. He did what was right for him and his music. This is such a mature move and would have been difficult to make. How can you perform music that you are not feeling, I love that he did this. Justin talks about his newest Collabs with Skrillex and Diplo and how working at music and really feeling what you are producing is incredibly important.


“What does 21-year-old Justin Bieber do for fun compared to the 18-year-old Justin Bieber I interviewed three years ago?”

Justin answers so simply.. Golf. He loves to Golf. I love this answer though, It’s so far away from what everyone would think that Justin would love to do- but he is often spotted hitting golf balls and playing with his friends and family. Justin also states that he can drink now, what 21 year old doesn’t like to have a beer and relax?


“Do you think being around people like Floyd Mayweather makes you an easy target?”

As some of you may not know, Justin often walks Floyd out to his fights and they are known to be pretty close. Justin gives such a long response to this question, what caught my attention is when Justin states “With Floyd, he’s just an image. I think he may not do the best job at being humble, but that’s not his job” I think this is super honest of Justin. He is giving his personal opinion on Floyd. Justin goes on to say “ He’s saying wild stuff just for attention. When people can just stop being stupid- sorry to say that- but when people can stop reading into it so much and look at the facts that he’s doing this for entertainment’ Its so true! Floyd is a boxer, its his job to hype people up- It gets them talking, tweeting, trending- It’s a way to build more attention and it works- Justin could not have put this any clearer! Justin then goes on to describe his similarities with Floyd, stating that they are both a one man sport and It can be tough but rewarding. Justin goes down deeper explaining that he “forgot what his mom raise him to be” this hit me. Justin always expresses how much his Mother means to him and that he can admit this and now work on the steps to finding himself again is such an incredible achievement.


“Last year you said you got cockier. Were there times when you felt invincible? How So?”

 Justin begins to get really personal and digs deep as he is asked these questions. These are the questions that really made me feel so connected and so proud of this interview. Justin states that he would do anything, saying  “ I was doing so many things that I shouldn’t even be on this planet still” This is heart breaking, That he just wasn’t looking after himself, He didn’t care what he was doing or if it would hurt him. Ive felt like this in my past too- and it isn’t a great place to be. Justin expresses his gratitude to his manager, Scooter Braun. Scooter has always had Justin’s best interests, He’s watched Justin grow from the age of 13! The way that Justin admits to just doing what he wanted and not caring about the consequences would take a lot of guts and maturity. He is stating how he felt and that’s something he should be proud of. I love that he expresses how he isn’t going to say sorry because the mistakes he has made brought him to where he is today- that’s bold and I love that. He’s showing that he got knocked down but he got back up, better than ever.


“When you were released from jail, you sat on top of an SUV. That seemed like a statement.”

This is one of my favorite responses Justin gives. Justin never really spoke out about when he went to jail and got arrested. Everyone just automatically assumed he was in the wrong, and that he was a “bad influence and bad kid” It would have taken a lot to not speak our and talk about the issue and defend himself- He waited until he was on the right track and spoke about it. Justin states that he also thinks it was a statement and that being there was horrible. Justin states that he wasn’t speeding and he had 1 bear earlier in the afternoon and blew 0.01. He said the story was really turned around as his Dad wasn’t there. His Dad showed up once Justin was pulled over. Justin expresses the frustration he shared when the officer couldn’t even tell him what he had done wrong and even states that the officer was talking about wanting to become famous for arresting celebrities. The fact that he is finally having his say and expressing his feelings towards the issue deserves a clap. It would have taken a lot to finally talk about it publically and I think Justin does it with such respect and class.


A lot of people who have spent a night in jail say it was the worst night of their lives”

Justin agrees with this. He states how cold it is, how uncomfortable he felt, that hurts my heart! Knowing that this young man was put into Jail for the wrong reasons and treated with no respect. He speaks about people talking to him within the Jail which was funny to read. He really remembers everything that happened and that just shows how hard the experience was for him

q12“At this stage in your life is it hard to be both politically correct and unapologetic about how you really feel? In the deposition, I could see why people would say you were being a brat. But a lot of people thought it was funny. Do you struggle with the balance?”

Justin answers this with such maturity and respect. We all remember his Deposition, and I personally thought it was funny and the Questions he was being asked had nothing to do with the deposition or the reason he was there. I think personally I would have reacted the same way! Justin states he has learnt to counter balance and that he doesn’t have to be a super proper stiff guy. He admits to having fun with the Deposition. He admits to being frustrated and feeling like he “owed the guy nothing” I watched the deposition many times and Justin was asked questions that were personal and had nothing to do with why he was there. He was asked about Selena and things that just were completely irrelevant- Justin even stated in the deposition “Is this an interview or a Deposition?”.


Of all the criticism you got, do you think any of it was petty, or unfair?

Justin gets straight to the point with this question bringing up the time he Pee’d in a bucket. You can tell Justin’s been frustrated at how big that was blown stating that it “wasn’t as big as people made it seem” and even goes on to say that if Ozzy Osbourne had done it, it would be cool because he’s a rock star but as soon as he did it, he’s labelled a brat. Justin continues by stating he was told by a worker in the club to Pee there. I love how Justin gives an example here with Ozzy because it’s so true. I feel like Justin gets a lot more hate and criticism then most celebs out there and he deals with it really well.


Do you think some people around you wanted you to rebel? Did you have to cut a lot of people off recently?

Justin defends the people he has cut off stating it isn’t even their fault. He never in this interview puts the blame on someone else for actions taken- He is honest and respectful and I love that. Justin explains why he had to cut people off and it really shows how this has helped him grow and mature as a person. He really finds it hard to trust people and know if people are there for him, or just to be there because he is a celebrity. I know this troubles him because he talks about it a lot in snapchats and interviews, you can tell its something that bothers him. He wants to be seen as a human, a person- Not just a celebrity and I think that’s incredible. He wants people to connect to him and his music- that’s really special.



Justin continues on the above by stating how he could keep repeating himself stating that he has changed but it’s more important to show that then to just keep talking about it. He compares himself to who he was a year ago to who he is now. He goes into details as to what its like to be famous and how its hard to tell who is “bullshitting” you and who isn’t. I love his honesty here. I love that hes trying to make sure people understand where he is coming from. He speaks about building relationships correctly where it’s a proper friendship, a proper bond and that’s so important. He is surrounding himself with people who are positive and influential in his life.  He believes that previously he could tell not everyone was 100 percent genuine, and how that has now changed. This is such an incredible answer, He’s explaining how his friendships have changed and evolved and its exactly what he needed when getting back on his feet.


“You also fell in love at an early age. What did you learn from it?”

His answer to this question is so beautiful, so deep and so personal. I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of him saying this. Justin has never really spoken about Selena since they broke up, even in his deposition he asked the interviewer to not mention her or speak about her. You could tell how much she meant to him, vise versa; You could tell how much they truly cared about each other. Justin confirms that they moved in together when he was 18, which was never publically confirmed. He expresses how it felt like marriage and that living with a girl was a lot at such a young age. Justin speaks about how in love they were, how they meant everything to each other to the point where it wasn’t healthy. They were all that mattered to each other, no pun intended. He states “Love is a choice, Love is not a feeling. People have made it seem in the movies that its this fairytale. That’s not what love is” He is so right. Its hard work, It takes time, patients and support from both parts. Justin gets real deep when answering this question talking about how there’s times where you don’t want to love your girl but you are going to choose too. I love that he has faith in God guiding him and how he speaks about getting heart broken and figuring out what right and what isn’t. Its really Raw and you can tell this the relationship he shared with Selena meant the world to him at the time.


 “Do you think you’ll always compare relationships to the one you had with Selena?”

Justin agrees to this and tells the interviewer that he is “kind of seeing a girl” which is news to a lot of his fans! He has kept this girl hidden really well, and has many reasons why this is a good idea. It would have been really hard in the public eye- What I love about this answer is how Justin explains that with the girl he is seeing he is shy about doing or saying certain things, then realizes its not a problem but he couldn’t say or do those things before. Its incredible that what he is expressing is true genuine feelings and I love how into detail he goes. Its beautiful to read and beautiful to see how he is expressing himself


“One of my favorite things I’ve seen you do was the carpool video with James Corden. You were relaxed and open. Is that the “real” Justin Bieber?”

What I love about Justin’s answer here is how he expresses that’s what he wants the world to see, that he is tired of placing on a mask for show. He just wants to be himself and that’s all. He references putting his trust in God again which is really beautiful. He often does this in the interview and it shows his Faith and Beliefs- I love that. One of my favorite parts of his answer is when he states “ Imagine putting a bunch of gold into a box, shaking up the box, and out comes a Rolex” He is so smart and thinks about ways to make you understand him.


“One of my favorite things I’ve seen you do was the carpool video with James Corden. You were relaxed and open. Is that the “real” Justin Bieber?”

What I love about Justin’s answer here is how he expresses that’s what he wants the world to see, that he is tired of placing on a mask for show. He just wants to be himself and that’s all. He references putting his trust in God again which is really beautiful. He often does this in the interview and it shows his Faith and Beliefs- I love that. One of my favorite parts of his answer is when he states “ Imagine putting a bunch of gold into a box, shaking up the box, and out comes a Rolex” He is so smart and thinks about ways to make you understand him.


Justin continues when the interviewer states he isn’t holding back

 – stating that “Its like a girlfriend, If I have an awesome, bomb girlfriend, I’m gonna wanna show her off and go around and tell people my girl is the shit” I love this. You can tell its his honest response by the way he is talking. He is straight to the point and honest. Justin talks about having a great relationship with God and how he loves him because he loved him first.


The interviewer states: Its true

Justin continues by talking about understanding what you believe in and doing what is right for you, finding yourself. When I first read the interview I was amazed at how much detail he put into his responses. I was amazed. He really truly puts thought, time and emotion into answering these questions and I think that’s really important to take note of, My favorite part? When he states going to Taco Bell doesn’t make you a Taco.


The interview is concluded with this:

“You said you felt invincible when you were going through your rebellious period. Does your renewed faith make you feel invincible as well?”

Justin reply’s with Yes, in a way. He feels like nothing is Bigger than God. His response is so positive, so uplifting and so warm. It put a large smile on my face.  You can tell from his answers that he is in such an incredible place, such a positive happy place and he knows that he is on his way up. He knows how hard he has worked and how it will pay off. He has changed his mind set completely and I think not only his supporters will see this, but his haters and people who don’t particularly follow him.

Reading this interview made me feel incredibly proud of Justin. You cannot deny the positive change he has had and how his experiences and actions have brought him to who he is today. You cannot put yourself in his shoes and think you know what goes on in his life. He has to grown up in the spotlight and had to deal with criticism, hate and abuse from such a young age, The way he has grown and developed and the man he is turning into is something he, and all of us should be very proud of. If you support him or not, It’s a fact- He is a strong, talented, individual who deserves respect, love and loyalty and I personally am very proud and honored to support this Man.

This is just the beginning- You can see that Justin is going to be stronger than ever and do what he loves to do for a very long time to come. Justin- Give yourself a pat on the back. You have gotten through such a rough patch and are coming back with dignity, respect and talent and we are proud of you.  Congratulations on finishing your album and all the wonderful things to come. You will always have a supporter here with me, and You are Killing everyone, with Kindness.

Much Love;

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.58.20 PM


To read the interview and see the exclusive photos: http://au.complex.com/music/justin-bieber-interview-2015-cover-story

Interview written by: Joe La Puma

Photographed by: David Black

Reviewed By: Tegan Audrey

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