Hi All! Hope the start of November is treating you all well! As you guys know, October- December is my favorite time of year! It’s our warmer weather months here in Australia, and not to mention my Birthday and Christmas being in December too! Okay, so that’s getting a little bit off topic but I thought I would review a film I went and saw on the weekend with my partner, Its one I have been waiting on for a while and was so excited to see, The Last Witch Hunter which stars Vin Diesel.

So let’s get this review on the road!

Let me just say, the Cinema I saw this is would have to have been one of my favorites yet, besides Gold Class of course! The Cinema was located in a part of my city which is actually not that nice, but the Cinemas themselves has been all done up. The seats were super comfy, the drink holders super hip and new and the cinema itself was so clean, spacious and really nice- I know, the smallest things excite me, but I love the movies and I was super impressed!

Okay- So the film itself.  The film is based on the modern world that has a large secret, this secret being that Witches, both good and bad still live upon us. The good, are no longer harmed and have a truce with the modern day witch hunters, however there are still thousands of Witches who are vicious and want to cause chaos on the world and unleash Black death upon earth and all humans.  Hundreds of years prior to the modern world, there were Armies of Witch Hunters who would battle all supernatural forces to keep peace and humanity alive, this included one particular witch hunter names Kaulder (Vin Diesel) Kaulder lost his wife and daughter from the Witch Queen when she set plague across his land 800 years ago. Kaulder, gets revenge by slaying the Witch Queen, but moments before her death, The witch Queen curses Kaulder with her own immortality and gives it to him, meaning he would not live forever, and never get to see his daughter and wife in the after life. Fast forward 800 years Kaulder is the only witch hunter remaining and has developed skills which make him unbeatable.  Within the film Kaulder has to battle the Witch Queen once more as she is resurrected and seeking revenge for him killing her all those years ago.

I absolutely adored the beginning of this film- I thought the effects, the look of the witch queen and the battle scene at the beginning was absolutely incredible. They make the Witch seem so real and the suspense builds up really well. As it fast forwards to modern day, I wasn’t as intrigued.  Obviously, the modern day Witches in the film had to blend into society and look like humans, but I think it would have been great to see some Witches whom still looked so stereotypical and frightening. I think a film based on his witch hunting 800 years prior would be a great film, personally.

The film had some Incredible Actors, such as Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, Michael Cane and Julie Engelbrecht.  Not to mention, Vin Diesel plays an incredible part. The film is interesting, and does keep you wondering what is going to happen next most of the time, you wonder who will survive, whats going to happen, who will win, It’s a very well made film.

My Favourite thing about this film;

The incredible acting and the appearance of the Witch Queen,  as stated above, the acting by so many people in this film is top notch. They are incredibly talented, and the appearance and personality of the Witch Queen (photo below) Ive never seen a Film/TV Witch that looked like this, I was incredible impressed- Creepy and powerful and perfect for the film.


My most un liked thing about this film;

The suspense that leads up to the big fight between Kaulder and the Witch Queen, that actually ends quickly and not as dramatically as it is lead up to be. I was kind of disappointed with the end fight and the outcome. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think the final fight could have been a lot more dramatic, involving different witches and a lot more scary.

Would I suggest going to see this film, Or should you wait until the DVD comes out?

I would suggest going and seeing the film for sure, There were some little things I was disappointed with, but over all I really did enjoy this film. It was really well made and the effects are incredible. There’s some funny one liners in there that are great too – Its one to go see on the big screen with a bucket of popcorn for sure.

My Star rating out of 5:

3.5 out of 5.


So there you have it guys. I really suggest that all you supernatural fans/ sci-fy/fantasy fans check this film out. Its unique, individual and a great watch, They’ve definitely left it open for another film!

Have a great week all, Until next time,



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