Hey all! So sorry for the lack of posts lately. With celebrating my birthday and doing all this Christmas shopping – its been hectic! Ive had hardly any time to post! So after celebrating my 21st and getting all of these wonderful gifts, I thought- I definitely had to do a new ‘favorites’ post just to discuss the things I’m loving currently from makeup to drinks to food  to what I love doing and much more! I know I did one of these just a few weeks ago, but hey- There’s more things to love now so its time for a new one! Lets go!



Okay Guys, I’m obsessed with this foundation! I honestly cannot believe that until last weekend, I had not tried it! Sephora has recently opened up here in Melbourne and I was in the city on the weekend and decided to drop in. Ive always loved Kat Von D as an artist and she seems real chill and her make-up is always on point, so I walked over to her line and found her ‘lock it tattoo’ foundation. The consistency was exactly how I like my foundations, not too thick but not runny either, it was perfect. $50.00 is reasonable for a great foundation. I took it home then me and my boyfriend, Ryan were going Christmas shopping the next day so I decided to try it, and I LOVED it instantly. I was amazed at the coverage. It dries very quick though so you have to work fast. If anyone loves full coverage, then this IS the foundation to try, I’m not going back to anything else!





These ice coffees are to die for! In my previous favourites I stated I loved the mocha white chocolate from starbucks, but starbucks isn’t in our shopping centres anymore sadly, they’ve limited where they are- and Espresso bars are in all my main shopping centres, so these are my go to for a little energy pick me up, they aren’t too strong, they’re cold, icey and so delicious! make sure you get the ice blend- that’s the best one!





So recently I celebrated my 21st birthday, and two of my friends got me some pandora. My childhood friend, got me this ring, the colour of the stone represents my birth stone. They are so cute and look so nice on! They are really original and you can tell where they are from just by looking at them!My bestfriend also got me a 21st pandora bracelette which i NEVER take off either, Its so special and so close to my heart, I love it! Dope!



If you read my posts regularly then you would have seen in my ‘wants’ post that I badly wanted a new macbook air.. well my dreams came true! My boyfriend Ryan got me one for my 21st Birthday! I’m literally obsessed! So much better then a tablet or an ipad. Its my go to for everything! I love it. I use it for work, school, social,planning- everything! Instead of having a diary I write my thoughts on my diary app too! Its my favourite gift for sure! I highly recommend if you are looking to get a laptop for school or work, try the apple mac- especially if you are like me and all your gadgets are apple!




My lovely boyfriend Ryan got me this as a present a few weeks ago. I had been eye-ing it off for months but just never went in and got it, I wish I had earlier though because im HOOKED. Not only does it smell like chocolate, the pigment and colours are incredible and they blend so well. I’m a massive fan of earthy tones- browns, sparkle and shades- this palette has it all- I’m literally obsessed.  It also makes your eyes smell delicious so girls, get on it! You will not be disappointed.





This is probably one of the weirdest things ive posted, but im LOVING asparagus lately. I had it on my anniversary dinner 2 weeks ago and have been hooked ever since- I never use to like it, but I love it now! Its fresh, healthy and super good for you- So I’m not complaining!




For my birthday, My dad gave me some nail polishes as a small gift, and a lot of them were pastels. I tried them on a friend of mine and on myself, and became instantly hooked! they were SO pretty. I absolutely love how the colours look on long or short nails. I think the colours look super nice for summer and the warmer months too!



So there they are! A little extension onto the last favourites post! Ill be doing a brand new one in the New Year as this week and next week there will be A LOT of shopping done, so I cant wait to show you all/tell you all about that!

Have a great day guys, Keep Smiling!


Until Next Time,

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.58.20 PM



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