Hi All! Happy Friday! I must admit I am so glad its almost the weekend. Ive been working out every single day and putting 110% into every single workout Ive done, and from being at the gym for hours everyday recently, Ive noticed a few things being done by other individuals working out, that really grind my gears. Now, dont get me wrong, I’m all for personal fitness and think its incredible when anyone takes on a fitness regime and dedicates time to their health, however when you attend a gym that is open to the public, and you know other people will be using the equipment that you are using, It’s only fair to take that into consideration and respect the rules of the gym. When I was at my local gym this morning, I found myself frustrated and unmotivated because of some of the people around me, and the selfish things they were doing, so I thought what better way to get out my frustration then to write a blog post about it (right!?) So lets get into it. I call this post ‘If you want to have a good relationship with the fellow members at your gym, dont do this type of bulls%^$”

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.51.12 AM

Now, dont get me wrong, I know that sometimes this can’t be helped. If your doing super sets, It obviously needs to be done, but when someone is hogging two machines and either not using the other one, but leaves there towel there, or is to busy talking to someone else and the machines aren’t being used, or someone who literally just puts their sweat towel and drink bottle on a seat or weight just so the machine is theirs when they want it – these type of people really grind my gears. Most of us who go to workout just want to use the machine for our set, then move on, or go home! If your one of these people who hog machines and hardly use them but have got your sweat towel there or your water bottle- use your brain! Have a think. If you can see that someones standing around or someone is keen on using the machine, and you really aren’t using it at that stage, let them use it! Its probably the last machine they need to finish their workout. Trust me when I say, if your doing a super set, the rest of us understand that- Its when we see you standing there, on your phone, talking to other people for a long time, or not even using the second machine is when it gets frustrating and you become one of ‘them’ people at the gym!


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Now, I’m okay with someone taking a few seconds to look to see if I’ve finished using a machine, Or checking to see If i have the barbell they want or a dumbbell set they need- But when I’m trying to complete my sets and there are people staring or watching – Not only do I feel judged, but I cant focus properly. Some people might read this and think Im being picky, but when you are trying to stay focused and get in a good workout, it definitely gets frustrating if someone is staring at you. If your one of these people, just do you! focus on you and what your doing. Im sure if someones using the machine you wont or the weights you need, they will be done soon. Just think about it, you probably wouldn’t want someone staring you when you’re pumping weights, dont do it to someone else!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.30.07 PM

Ah, the lingerers. If you’re a starer, then you are usually a lingerer too! Lingerer’s are those people in the gym who are waiting for a machine, which is fine- but then they come up to you and ask ‘how many sets have you got left? and you kindly let them know, yet they still stand right behind you or so close to you, to the point where you cant focus. I always feel like telling them ‘ Look ill let you know when Im done, Please give me at least a metre of space so I can finish my sets!’ I understand if someones waiting for a machine or a weights bar, but you dont need to keep asking or standing right behind the person until their done. Its frustrating, makes us lose concentration and focus, and will honestly, probably make me want to use the machine or weight, longer then I have to, so just back of a little, it will be yours once the sets are done!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.36.28 PM

These ones are probably some of the worst kinds of people at the gym. I actually have 2 of them every single morning when I work out. When I dont have work in the morning or i start a shift in the afternoon, I head into the gym early so I can get my workout done and dusted for the day. If I’m training in the morning there are always 2 men in there who obviously take their training very seriously. They’re both big and always lifting heavy, however they both NEVER take the weight off a machine or bar once they have finished with it – and I find myself CONSTANTLY having to pull these heavy discs or weights of machines and it adds so much more time to my workout- what makes it even more frustrating is the fact that my gym has a speaker and it constantly reminds people to take their weights off machines once they have finished- but these two are too selfish to do that! If your one of these people, I’m being honest when I say this, but 85% of the people you go to gym with, probably highly dislike you! Its not that hard, If you can rack it, you can stack it back.anigif_original-10447-1433249479-5.gif

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.46.40 PM

Look, I totally get it. Sweating is a massive sign of an intense, hard workout, but its also really unhygienic in a gym for a range of people who use the same equipment as you! Its crucial to have a sweat towel, but there are a lot of people who chose not to use their sweat towels once they’ve finished with a cardio machine or a bench and leave traces of their perspiration all over the machine or bench! It takes 2 seconds to use your towel and wipe it down, 2 seconds! Not only will the fellow gym members respect you for it, but you wont be called the ‘unhygienic’ one, because trust me, I can point out the unhygienic gym goers from my gym from a mile a way – Just wipe down your machine or place a towel when you sit or lay on a machine bench!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.52.24 PM

I am SO for people starting a new years resolution and working out, I totally am, And this is just me being selfish but you all know I’m honest with my posts, so its going in here- but the gym in Jan! Its always so packed, I struggle to find machines, weights and even room! Sometimes I literally try and get a workout done at a ridiculous time in the morning like 5:00am so I dont have to even try and attempt to get a good workout in in the afternoon – because you spend so much time waiting for a machine, cardio equipment or just tools like dumbbells, barbells and benches! Its always funny when Feb/March hit and the gym slowly becomes less busy though- I secretly love it when this happens!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.01.12 PM

Now I’m always up for a chat, but in the right times! If I’m doing a simple workout or arms or something like that, and my headphones aren’t in then sure! lets have a chat between sets- BUT if I’m doing HIIT cardio or trying to do a superset or a PB and you can tell I’m in the zone, lets talk after! I always make sure I check to see if someone is okay to talk or if i should just wait until they’re done. It can be really annoying and frustrating if your trying to run or push yourself and someone wants to have a chat right at that point!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.23.05 PM.png

I’m all good with people using their phones while they work out – If its not effecting me, then i dont understand why people always say ‘get off your phone’ to others in the gym. If its not effecting your workout then who cares, HOWEVER when someone is having LOUD phone convocations yelling on their phone or using it in between sets and just sitting on it forever and hogging a machine because of it – Thats when it becomes super frustrating and annoying. If you want to do that- step out of the area and do that elsewhere. People going on social media in between sets think its just gonna make their rest stage go quicker but they sit their for minutes and minutes before doing another set, then repeat the process- I once waited 25 minutes for a guy to stop using the Leg Press because he was checking social media in between sets! Its annoying and super frustrating, and if you do it, stop it!


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.40.19 PM.png

The Experts. Now I dont mind if people have some tips for me.. No.. actually i DO! If I wanted tips or someones opinion when I’m at the gym.. I’d ask! Ive been working out for over 3 years and have a good idea how to make sure I’m using machines correctly or working out the right muscles correctly, and If I’m not sure- I ASK. I dont need other people at the gym suggesting things to me. I see this all the time at the gym where others think its okay to go up to someone else and give them advise. For example I man that goes to my gym has to squat a different way due to a knee issue, he cant go down to a certain point and its a way a PT/ doctor has told him to adjust until his knee is better, and someone had the nerve to tell him he isn’t squatting deep enough- You dont know whats going on in someones life. They could have injuries or discomfort- people know their OWN bodies, so back off and look after your own! Im sorry if that comes across as rude- but this ones a big one that gets on my nerves!


And there you have it! My main tips on who NOT to be while your working out! I know some people might ask me why I didn’t add in ‘people who take selfies or videos while working out’. Simple, these people dont annoy me, they make me laugh! I think its funny when I see people tensing and taking photos and videos at the gym so people on social media know they worked out -Ill even admit sometimes I’m guilty of it, but I ensure to take my photos at home! Haha!

Let me know your pet peeves when working out! Id love to hear them and see what else happens in other peoples gyms!

Until Next time,



  1. The phone users is definitely one of my worst… the other worst is when there is an entire row of empty treadmills/ellipticals/stair steppers and someone gets on the one right next to me… why? I don’t understand! haha


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