And it is so, so good to be back! I’m so sorry for stepping away from my computer for the last few weeks. I took some time to focus on myself, my goals, my future and I can honestly say, I feel so much better about doing it too, but I have missed posting, reviewing and generally just talking to you guys so much! I have been writing to much in the last few days preparing some new posts for this week and I’m so excited to share them with you –

But I thought seeing as I disappeared and stopped posting, you all deserve an explanation. Basically, I few weeks ago I got a very – very big wake up call. I went from thinking I could never lose the people I care about, I knew where I was going and what I was doing and that my future was set, to actually have it put into reality that yes, I could lose the most important people in my life, that life isn’t always how we hope it’s going to go and that when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you can fall even further and not know if you can even get up again – and I’ll be real and raw with you all – I hit that bottom, I hit that rock bottom about 1000 times harder then I ever have before. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was not passionate about my career choice, I wasn’t happy with how I was looking, I lost some of the most important people to me. I felt alone, I felt lost and I felt like nothing would ever, ever get better. I had people left, right and centre telling me to keep my head up – but their lives were going okay, they were happy – they didn’t know how I was feeling. I know they meant well, but when you hit this type of bottom.. That’s when you can truly start to appreciate what you have, how special it is and to really not take life or the people in our lives for granted.

So I sat down with my mum, and I decided to take a break from social media and truly focus on myself, my family, my friends and my incredible boyfriend. I focused on things that make me happy – fitness, kickboxing, health, photography and writing. I didn’t stop writing, I just stopped publishing. I cannot begin to explain how important it is to just take some time to be you. We sometimes get so consumed and so obsessed with our social accounts that we don’t see the world around us turning.. Take a step back every now and then..focus on the people you are with, focus on your surroundings, and most importantly – focus on yourself. After taking this turn, admitting to my mistakes and my wrongs, and focusing deeply on who I am as a person, I can’t explain how much better I feel about myself and my life as a whole. I know what’s important, I know what I want in life, I know where I want to go in the future, who I want to be with – and I know now more than I ever have before – where I’m heading, what I need to do to get there and how hard I’m willing to work to get there.

Sometimes bad things and bad periods in life happen, to open doors and open our eyes on what we were doing. I can’t thank you all enough for being so patient, caring and understanding. I received a lot of your messages and thoughts and that means the world to me – but I promise, im back now and better than ever – im even looking at giving my site a brand new, complete makeover, which I’m super excited about too! Keep a look out for multiple posts this week, from reviews to tips and opinions!

Always remember that if you feel yourself going down a path like what I did – TRUST your struggle, you will get back on track with determination, persistence and will power .

Until next time,



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