I wrote a blog post tonight on home made body scrubs but decided not to post it as something much larger and more important has come up and I think its a topic i need to speak about and a topic I think needs more attention/awareness on. Some might say I post a bit too much about my personal life or how I’m feeling – and thats fine, every one if entitled to their own opinion but the way I look at it is, If you aren’t being honest and open about the good and the bad, then why blog or post at all? You may disagree with me, but I consider my readers, friends and I will always be upfront, honest and raw- about the good and the bad and what I want to speak about and draw awareness on today is something so close to my heart.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, but there has been a serious reason as to why I haven’t been posting and I think today, I’m ready to talk about it

It’s not my place or my right to go into the detail of my fathers passed illnesses or his battle with health, that’s his decision and his privacy- however I think discussing he’s current journey and what he has been through and bring awareness to the importance of organ donation, is something I needed to write about.
My Fathers original lungs were failing. They were working at a capacity of only 22%. imagine your lungs working this low day in and day out. They were failing him and this was breaking all our hearts. Throughout 2015 my Dad, Greg, did many texts, lost around 20kg, started exercising and eating healthier to be eligible to be put on the lung transplant list. The wait, the tests and the constant hospital appointments had my Dad exhausted but he kept pushing through knowing this is what he needed if he wanted to see us all grow up and live the rest of his life healthy and happy.
On Tuesday the 29th of March my Dad received a call from his hospital, advising him that they had lungs that would be compatible for him and to get everything in order for surgery that evening. Those words were bitter sweet for me – sweet because my Dad had gone through so many tests and worked so hard to get onto the list and it’s very lucky and rare for the lungs to become available, but bitter because the surgery is very scary and no one knew what to expect.
At this stage, my Father and I hadn’t spoken in 2 weeks due to a silly arguement. My Dad called me with the news of the surgery. We knew my Dad was on the list and that we were prepared for waiting a long amount of time and not to get our hopes up, but when lungs are found and it’s time for the surgery, how do you prepare for that? It’s hard too, it really. I sat on the phone to my Dad sobbing, not knowing really what to say but good luck and that I loved him. My Dad hardly chokes up, but I could hear the emotion in his voice too, we then hung up from each other – and from that moment I was terrified, emotional and on edge.
My dad went in for surgery on Tuesday the 29th of March at roughly 7:00pm. We were told the treatment could take up to 12 hours and to just keep checking in with the hospital. I feel like I now should buy the nurses flowers as I was annoying them with phone calls almost every hour on the hour trying to find out what was going on with my Dad. I was finally advised he was out of surgery and in ICU the next morning, and that’s when the waiting game began. Waiting for him to wake, waiting to see how the new lungs were reacting, waiting to see if his body would reject the lungs or take them on board – it was a day of waiting, that felt like weeks. My Dad had a double lung transplant, a surgery that would save his life.
On Thursday the 31st of March, I was finally allowed to see my Dad. Walking in to ICU and seeing him smiling, I cannot put into words the happiness and pure emotion I felt. That man and I may fight, bicker and disagree, but he is my Bestfriend, my father and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. My Dad was reacting to the surgery better than most. He was breathing incredibly, he had colour to his face – something I had not seen in my dad for at least 2 years – due to being sick and constantly on oxygen, Dad previously always looked gray and dry – now his face was presenting colour and glowing – I couldn’t believe it.
The biggest noticeable change on my dad? His attitude. I can’t put into words just how much my dads outlook on life, health and fitness has changed in just a week. My Dad was advised he would be in ICU for a few weeks –  that was not the case. My dad was working that hard and doing everything so correctly, that he was out of ICU by Sunday the 3rd of April, less than a week before his surgery. Isn’t that incredible? Sitting here writing about it now gives me tears of joy, I am just so proud.
My dads outlook on everything and how excited he is for his future is inspiring. Before his surgery, he would hardly smile, hardly leave the house and now – he cannot wait to get out of hospital, smash out his 12 month recovery period and begin the rest of his life, and live it to his full capability. He’s excited to travel, build his fitness, breath on his own and do things he couldn’t do before. What’s scary about this? My dads so grateful to just breath properly again- something we ALL take for granted daily.
Currently, My Dad is still in hospital working towards recovering and starting his new life – and dad when you read this, just know that I am so proud of you, I am so grateful to have you as my Father and so excited to be on this journey with you, and I will be right by your side every step of the way. Your attitude, outlook and positivity inspires me daily – I love you.
Now that my readers are up to date – there is more to this post then just explaining and showing you all just how incredible my father is, however raising awareness on the ABSOLUTE importance of Organ Donation. I’ve been sitting and thinking – if this man did not sign up to be an organ donor before he passed away – my dad may have never had this opportunity. All-though the organ donor and his family are anonymous, I am SO grateful for them. The man who signed up to become a organ donor, is the true hero in this story – because his sacrifice and his ability to become a donor and make that choice, has saved lives. I, myself am an organ donor and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. One donor can save so many lives – it’s actually incredibly crazy to think about. Organ donors are heroes, they are beautiful people  and it’s thanks to people like them, that people like my Father can now live his life. It’s crazy how simply signing up, can do so, so much. I wanted to post the link to reading all about organ donation – I would never expect any of my readers, friends or family to do anything they aren’t comfortable in doing – but just filling your head with some information on organ donation and passing on the information can save so many lives.
I also want to touch base on how so many of us can take so much for granted. I look back and think how silly I was to let an argument stop me from speaking to my Father. There are so many men, woman, children who wish they had their parents, and I was ignoring mine.. And that makes me feel terrible. Yes – families fight, it’s normal – but I suggest to anyone in this boat, don’t ignore your loved ones or let an argument stop your communication – it isn’t worth it and you never know what you have.. Until it’s gone or you can see what can be taken from you. Also never take for granted how lucky we are to be healthy, able to walk, stand, move, breath, eat and do what we do every single day – we as humans complain about the little things way to much, I know I’m guilty of it – but after this experience I have learnt that we are so lucky to live the lives we live with the health we have – and that should not be taken for granted even for a second.
Make the most of your days – do something to make someone else happy, volunteer, travel, use your skills – make it count, because we are so lucky to be able to have the choice and opportunity to do that – there are so many beautiful people all over the world who can’t, but wish they could.
 I just want to end this blog post by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has messaged me, reached out to ask about my father and my family and offer love and support – some of you have even advised me you want to become organ donors, and that is so incredibly amazing – you are all beautiful people who are honestly, heroes. I am so happy to have you all in my life and my Dad is also so grateful and humbled by all your love and well wishes.  Also to the Alfred Hospital, for always supporting my Dad and looking after him with great care, love and expertise, I am so thankful.
Love Always,


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