Hey All! I hope the start of you week has been exciting! As the festive season comes to an end, everyone starts off strong with their new years resolutions and getting ready to head back to work. 2017 is going to be such a good year, I can already feel it and we are only 2 weeks in! As you guys know, My 2017 resolution was to focus on my health, my fitness and completely change my mindset by completing my 2017 challenge. I am now into week two and I’m so excited to show you guys this weeks challenge!

This weeks challenge was focused around friendship. Spending time with my friends, focusing on them and really showing them how much they mean to me. This week I did a lot of that on and off camera. I think its important to keep a balance of what you show to the world and what you keep between you and your friends.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-13-15-pmThis challenge really helped me to open up to my friends and connect with them on different levels. Sometimes i get so busy during the week I forget to set aside some time to see them and really make a connection with them, and thats something I am working on. I know if it wasn’t for my best friends, I really would not have gotten through 2016 and through some of the toughest moments of my life. I have the most beautiful group of friends and I am so thankful for each of them. They make every day enjoyable and make every time I see them so much fun. I learnt to never ever take a friend who is there for you for granted, You should be so grateful for the ones who will prove to you just how much you mean to them, Keep them friends close. We may only be 2 weeks, but this challenge was one of my favourites, nothing brings me more joy then seeing the people i love, Smiling.



Thank you all so much for taking your time to read and watch. It was never my intention for anyone to message me and tell me how much they are enjoying them, or nor did I think I would even get one view, I was purely making them for me to be able to reflect on, but the feedback has been so beautiful. I really hope you guys enjoy this weeks video/challenge.

Until Next time,


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