Tegan has an extreme passion for many different forms of creative art, such as photography, writing, fashion design, visual art, makeup design and film. Tegan has completed her diploma in Beauty Therapy, however is extremely intrigued by many different courses and is studying further in fields relating to journalism, photo journalism and creative arts.

Tegan is known not to stick to one thing when it comes to her writing and her posts, she believes you shouldn’t limit yourself if more than one thing truly intrigues you, so by visiting this site you will expect to see many different post ranges, from reviews, tips, thoughts and opinions, as well as creative work, lifestyle and health posts. There is no one theme or a limitation for Tegan and her website.

Tegan is a massive lover of all things Beauty, Health, Travel, Food,Film and keeping up to date with everything going on in the big wide world we live in. Dig deeper into her as a person and she is happy with just her camera, some good music and a beautiful beach to stare at, that is when she is happiest.

She is always writing about something new or sharing something new and If you click on ‘categories’ you will be able to find exactly what you came here to look at. This is her passion and what she spends a lot of her days doing, so It means the world to her to have you all take time out of your day to read this and visit her blog.


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