Hey guys, its been a while.

I thought I’d let you guys in on something I’ve always held back on writing about, through fear. Fear of the judgement, fear of the negative comments, fear of looking weak. But depression, depression I feel, does not make you weak at all. It shows you feel. It shows you feel things so deeply and that you’re feelings and emotions can be so strong and constantly take over not only you’re inner thoughts, but can take over your actions and how you present yourself as a person. People often refer to depression as weakness and attention seeking, what do I say to those people? Educate yourself. Do your research and excuse my language, get your fucking head, out of your fucking ass. The only thing that made me feel strong enough to write this is because I’m finally in a position in my life where I feel content, happy and that I’m beating depression with my best foot forward. Im lucky enough to have a supporting Mother, A boyfriend who I truly believe loves me for exactly who I am and constantly proves that to me, and friends who would go to the end of the earth for me. It wasn’t always this good for me though, so let me let you all in on a secret, a story Ive kept to myself for too long. Here we go.

Growing up wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for me, and it usually isn’t for most of us. Like so many of my generations, my parents were constantly fighting, they broke up when I was young and I felt myself torn between two homes and having to choose where I wanted to live, and trust me when I say – disappointing either of my parents was the last thing I ever wanted to do, so living out of a country road bag travelling back and forth from both houses was my only choice to try and keep them both happy. Highschool was not ‘the best time of my life’ as so many people say – just quietly, I fucking hated it. The only thing that kept me there was my Fathers words. In 2012, when I was in year 12,my final year of highschool, My Dad became very ill. Its not my place to say what was going on, that place is his – but lets just say I had to deal with the daily thoughts of ‘every day i spend in this shitty school is a day less with him’ and ‘who’s going to walk me down the isle if my Dad isn’t going to be around to do so?’ My Dad sat me down one day and said ‘If you are going to do anything for me, please finish school. I never did and its one of my biggest regrets. I know its hard, I know you want to be with me, but i need you to do this. Make me proud, promise me?’ I cried, and i cried, and i cried some more – but I agreed and responded with ‘I promise’.

I graduated school and was offered a spot into a few universities – I know my Dad wanted me to go, but sitting at a desk and doing further study at that time wasn’t an option for me. I wanted to earn money, If something happened to him I wanted money to be able to help out. I wanted to help my Mum out – and thats all that mattered. Fast forward 2 and a half years and I found myself 2 years into a shitty, unloving relationship and stuck in the same call centre job, hating everything about myself, what I had achieved at the age of 20 and most of all, I found myself diagnosed with body dysmorphia (please look it up or suss out other posts to understand this disease). I was obsessed with my body image, I would cry myself to sleep almost nightly and I was slowly finding myself falling into depression. I remember sitting my Mum down and saying to her ‘I dont know whats wrong with me. I’m always sad, and even when I should be happy and every things going okay, I’m still sad. Am I ungrateful? Whats wrong with me?’ her response ‘This was one of my worst fears, Ive been thinking this for a while, we may need to see someone – I think you may have depression’ And right at that moment, my heart broke. Me? Depression? Why am I not strong enough? Whats wrong with me? These were just some of the questions I was asking myself. But I agreed with my Mum, and finally went and saw someone. I was given handfuls of documents and pamphlets labelled ‘SUFFERING DEPRESSION’ and a prescription for anti-depressions was written up and that was it, I was sent on my way. Like.. here you go Tegan, heres a fucking pamphlet, read it, heres a few drugs, you’ll be okay soon! I remember ripping them up when I got home and telling my Mum, i refuse to take tablets to make me happy. I knew if I wanted to change, I needed to make changes.

I decided to sign up to a diploma course, sign myself up for a new gym and focus on eating right for myself. Trust me, I had my days where I still felt like depression was overcoming me, But I didn’t give up. In those situations you need to teach your brain to push on through, keep your thoughts positive and tell yourself it will get better. In 2016 I was 4 months off graduating my diploma, and then – My dad was rushed to hospital for an emergency lung transplant, around the same time I was cheated on after a 5 year relationship and treated like utter shit during the break up period. I was embarrassed, hurt and negative towards everything. On top of that, I was rushed to hospital with agonising stomach pains, and admitted straight away. Now let me tell you, I was a much stronger person at 21, then i was when I was 20, but fuck –  being cheated on, having your father in ICU and yourself stuck in a hospital not being able to do a damn thing about it, it plays on your mind. The only person by my side? My Mum. And that is something I will always be so grateful for. Mum, if you read this – I love you so much and thank you for every little thing you do for me.

I ended up having surgery on my stomach and spent two weeks in hospital. When I was sent home, I was at my lowest point. I couldn’t walk properly, I couldn’t eat properly, I wanted to take all the pain medication and just sleep for hours on end. I avoided any contact with anyone and remember thinking ‘ not only have I lost my motivation for health and fitness, but I’ve lost all motivation to finish my diploma. I remember telling my Mum that, and i remember how angry and disappointed she was. Ill never forget the face she gave me. Now my Mum is straight forward and will tell you exactly how she feels. She sat me down and said ‘No fucking way are you throwing away almost 2 years of hard work, the pain you just went through in hospital because you’re depressed over a shitty fucking guy who doesn’t deserve you or your love, and because you’ve had a minor set back. Get your ass back there and finish your fucking diploma’

I remember being completely speechless, but I messaged my teachers and told them Id be back next week. And I did exactly what my Mother told me to do- hold my fucking head high, finish what I started and enjoy what I worked hard for. I remember crying at my graduation and saying ‘Mum, I fucking did it’. I spent the rest of 2016 on cloud nine and landed my dream job. I worked hard, I focused on myself for a year, I focused on changing myself for the better. I didn’t jump into anything, I kept to myself , focused on my future and focused on how lucky I was to even have the life I live. Fast forward to now – Im lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone who loves me for exactly the person I am, where I’m constantly reminded of ‘how beautiful I am’ how much I’m loved. Im basically in love with my best friend, and its the best feeling in the world.

Ive never been closer than I am now with my Mother and have the best group of friends and work friends anyone could ever ask for. Why am I happy now? I honestly break it down to never giving up. Pushing through, If i didn’t make a change, nothing would have changed.

Just know that no matter how hard it may get sometimes, There is help out there, You are so worth it, and you so deserve to live out your life and be the best person you can possibly be. Keep pushing, keep fighting, You will be okay.


Until next time,


The first 2017 challenge ever and I am SO excited to share this with you all! Last week from Sunday the 1st of Jan, to Sunday the 8th of Jan, I had the challenge of visiting 5 beaches within that week to reflect, focus on myself and really just getting out and exploring. I also got to incorporate fitness by walking each path at each of the beaches I visited.

Its crazy when you just have a focus and you really get to just shut off from the world and focus on the beauty around you, and I was lucky enough to do that at each beach I visited. Im not going to lie, these videos and posts are about me being raw and honest, and of course at 2 of the beaches, I got emotional, but still sat there, let myself cry and it made me feel so, so much better to just express myself and let out the emotions I had been building up for so long.



I learnt that not everything is worth worrying about. When I was sitting by the water focusing on the waves I really got to thinking about myself and how much I let worry get to me, and truly it is not worth it. We dont have much time on this beautiful planet and we really need to make the most of what we have. Dont hold grudges, dont get upset about small things and dont let yourself think you are not worth it, because you really are. I spent so many years of my life thinking I wasn’t good enough, when in fact, I am, I always have been and I can hold my head up high.

Another beautiful thing I learnt from this challenge was to think of worrying and pain like a package, talk about it, write it down, and throw the “package” in the water and let the waves carry all your worries away. The beach and watching the ocean is now the place I will go to reflect and really help with any built up worry or frustration I have. I am so grateful to live in an area that allows me to visit such beautiful places and I cannot wait to explore more of the beaches Australia has to offer.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.19.18 PM.png


Thank you so much for taking your time to read and watch my posts. It truly means the world to me. I cannot wait to continue to share my challenges with you all.

Until next time,



Hi all.

I firstly have to start this post by apologising to you all, Ive had many people contact me on my qooh account wondering why I haven’t posted much, and I know I should have been, but I promise, there is a real reason as to why I haven’t been posting.

You know I am always raw and honest with my readers, I always have been. But over the last month I’ve had some time to really sit down and reflect on who I am as a person and how much I put on social media. In recent times, I have realised I definitely spend too much time on my platforms and too much time worrying about whats going on, what people think of me and how people take my posts. I have realised that, that in itself is not healthy. I decided to take action and delete my facebook account just for a little while, or maybe for a long while. I want to use my time and my life for good. I want to explore my surroundings, learn new things, become an even better person so I can better myself for my loved ones and friends. I want to get into the best physical shape of my life and possibly even document that journey, but back on track, Its time to explain why I have been so MIA.

About 3 weeks ago I started to feel horrible pains in my abdomen. I dont just mean a stomach ache, or cramps, I mean it literally felt like someone was stabbing me in the side.. I let it go for a few days, being stubborn I thought it was most likely just a horrible stomach ache or cramps, but as days went on the pain just got worse and worse. I decided to tell my Mum about it and we started to monitor the pain, but less than 24 hours after that it was becoming unbearable. I decided to go to the doctor, and after him touching my stomach just once, he sent me straight to the hospital emergency room. It was all happening so fast I was overwhelmed with emotion. I found myself scared.. Im usually a pretty healthy girl, Yes I get the occasional cold but I had not been in pain like that before.

Within 5 minutes of being admitted, I had so many doctors and surgeons around me, 2 needles in my arms and my Mum stressing out. Before I knew it they had me up in the ward. Wow.. I was admitted. I had not been admitted in hospital since I had my tonsils out in 3rd grade, So it was so different for me.. All though I’m 21, It was scary to me. No one knew what was going on with me, no one knew why this pain was happening and even the surgeons were worried about me. I decided I didn’t want my phone as a distraction, I needed time to be on my own and focus on what was happening to me and my body, so I asked my Mum to take it, Plus I was constantly falling in and out of consciousness.

tegan 1.jpg

(Me and Mum)

My first night being in the hospital they took my down for a cat scan, I cant put into words just how much it hurt climbing from one bed to the other just to have the scan done. The nurses were wonderful and were scared to find out what was going on with me also. The scan room was cold and I just wanted it over. My first night in hospital wasn’t any better. My Mum stayed by my side on the two little chairs the hospital provided and we both struggled to get sleep. I tossed and turned all night with nurses giving me pain killers and taking my blood pressure almost hourly.

Over the next few days they tried to figure out what was wrong with me, while my pain was getting worse and worse, until the cat scan results come in. The doctors all crowded in my room to tell me that I had a burst ovarian cyst and my appendix had become inflamed. They said the cyst caused internal bleeding and it was important for them to perform surgery to remove the bleeding, fluid and appendix. Hearing this made me break down. Yes, I had my Mum by my side which I was so grateful for, but there were others I just wish were there for me.

By Saturday, early afternoon, 4 days since being admitted, I was finally being prepped for surgery. Nothing can really prepare you for it.. Its scary. your heart starts racing and you become numb. I remember being taken down to front of the surgery room before my mum had to leave.. I remember telling her to just tell one person that I loved them and that I was being taken into surgery.. thats all I cared about. I wish I didn’t cry.. but thats all I was doing.. was crying and crying some more. I was scared, I was alone and I wanted the pain to be over.

The surgeons explained to me everything that was going to happen, where they would be cutting me open and how they were going to get me to sleep, and before I knew it I had a mask on my face and being told to count back.. I got to 7 and thats the last thing I remember. I then remember waking up in recovery with a nurse calling my name over and over again. I remember feeling the pain when I woke up too.. I couldn’t even talk without it really hurting. I remember being rolled back to my room with my Mum waiting for me. I was struggling to keep my eyes open.. Struggling to even sit up.

tegan 3.jpg

(Myself 5 minutes after returning from recovery)

The night of my surgery was probably one of the worst. I kept looking at the door hoping someone would walk in, I kept moving and it would hurt.. I kept coughing and it would hurt. I just remember promising myself that once I was recovered I wasn’t going to take things in my life for granted.  I was not going to take the people in my life for granted, and I wasn’t going to go a day without telling the people i loved, that I loved them and would be there for them, through it all.

tegan 2

(My wounds – small, yet painful)

I was released less than 24 hours after my surgery, and before I knew it i was back in there. They made a mistake by letting me out too early and I had to go back in for another 2 days. I ended up signing myself out of hospital late on the Tuesday night. I was uncomfortable there and i felt a lot more comfortable at home.  That was a week ago, and Im still so sore. Its the little things i miss. Not being able to go to the gym, not being able to go to kickboxing. It makes you appreciate your body and how lucky we are to do the things we do.

I recently had a minor setback, as my stomach wounds became infected – but I’m hoping to hit the gym next week for cardio, and hopefully the following week go back to kickboxing. Its going to take time, but If they hadn’t performed the surgery when they did, I could have died, so I am grateful to still be breathing.

Its crazy, Isnt it? How we take things for granted, and we dont realise how important things are until they are jeopardised. The last 3-4 weeks have been some of the toughest times of my life, and yes I wonder when things will get better, I wonder if they ever will. But I know, I am lucky to be here. I am lucky that they found the issue before it was too late and I am lucky to know the people I know. I cant sit here and complain why me? why do I feel the things I do, when I know there are so many people in worse situations.. and I know that those are the people I want to help. I dont want to have hate or jealousy in my heart. I am not only open to love and positivity. I want the people closest to me to feel loved, appreciated and know they will always have someone loyal and a positive light to there life, in me.

To anyone who checked on me while I was in hospital, messaged me or sent me something beautiful – Thank you. Your kind words and gifts were beautiful, and I am grateful for you all. To anyone who feels like there body is not right, to anyone who has this type of stomach pain or anyone who is putting off going to the doctors because your stubborn, Please change your mind. You are better off to ease your mind with nothing being wrong, then something being wrong and not getting it checked.

Until next time,





Happy Tuesday all! How crazy is it that we are already 12 days into January? I cannot believe how fast the time is going and that its already 2016! Im finally back after a long break over Christmas/New Years and I thank you all for being so patient! So, My main Goal/Focus for 2016 is weightloss/health and fitness. The 3 components have always been extremely important to me, however this year I have noticed I am a lot more focused, driven and passionate about it! Im definitely eating cleaner, working out harder and my fitness planning/mindset is a lot clearer! I thought, to kick off the New Year on a healthy note, why not share some of my favourite tips for creating a perfect Salad! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not actually.. a massive fan of a plain salad.. No way! I cant do a simple no dressing, no protein salad- I find it SO boring and SO un filling, to me its seriously something i CANNOT eat, However if i fill my salads with incredible tasting veggies, healthy dressings, healthy cheeses and a protein source, I find them SO yummy! Lets do this!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.02.20 PM

GO GREEN! Okay.. i know this doesn’t sound that yum.. But your salad needs to be nutritious and good for you- Choosing greens (the tasty ones) the right way can make sure your getting a great serve of nutrients that also easy to eat! My go to greens for a Salad are:

Iceberg Lettuce: I love this form of lettuce, its easy to eat, basically tastes like water, very low in calories and so super cheap too! You can pick up a whole lettuce for around $2.00 and that lasts me the whole week!

Spinach: As iceberg lettuce is basically water, I know the nutrition value isn’t too high! I love to add some spinach leaves to my iceberg lettuce to up the nutrition value, the two actually taste very nice together!

Mixed lettuce: this is another type of lettuce I enjoy. Its a few different lettuces put together and are a variety of colours- this type of lettuce tastes amazing with a vinaigrette and sea salt!

These are my favourites, personally- But other choices you can chose that are incredible for you and so super nutritious are wild rocket and kale- these two I personally don’t like the taste too but they are both so incredibly great for you! Try mixing 2 or more of the greens into your salad!

Greens are so full of folate and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, so don’t forget them!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.07.56 PM

The rainbow medley of fruits and veggies are just important as the greens! This is one of the most fun parts of creating a salad, because you get to add some of the vegetables and fruit which have the most incredible flavour! some of my favourite go to vegetables are:

Beetroot, Red Onion, Carrot, Zucchini, Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn kernels off the cob, Cucumber, chickpeas, green beans – My favourite way to present these veggies are to either grate them, finely chop them or shred them! Not only does it make them easier to eat but i personally think it looks better (ha-ha!)

Another thing I love to do is bake off some sweet potato or pumpkin in the oven and add it to the top of my salads! these are my favourite veggies by far!

Some of my favourite go-to fruits to add into salads are:

Apples, Mango, Strawberries, Avocado – All though i have to ensure the type of salad I’m having will mix well with fruit. A dinner salad with meat, a find mango goes lovely with and a lunch salad (simple and on the side, strawberries are lovely with) I find because I love avocado so much, it goes with everything, and apples, well the green ones are incredible in a tossed side salad!

My best advise here is to play around with your favourite fresh fruits and vegetables, try different things and experience with flavours! Just make sure they all mix well together!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.26.52 PM

Another ingredient that adds loads of flavour to a salad is a beautiful herb! Some of my favourites are fresh basil, chives and parsley. I also have a whole 12 herb and spices rack so I often play around with different herbs from there such as rosemary and thyme. I personally don’t like these herbs in a salad, but some other popular herbs are fresh mint and coriander- These I strongly dislike but a lot of my family and friends adore it, so they are always options to try! If you have a range of fresh herbs that you grow or a family member grows, take advantage!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.31.49 PM

To me, this is a component that can really make a salad super tasty.. however it also can be a component that can change your salad from being a beautiful, healthy, nutritious salad to one thats full of fat and sugar. Make sure you stay away from the creamy dressings and mayo type dressins such as ceaser and stick to creating your own healthy blends. Some of my favourite are:

  • Balsamic Viniger- this is my go to salad, I always add it to majority of my salads. Its tangy, yet super tasty and goes so well with so many types of veggies!
  • Mixture of olive oil (3tblsp) and apple cider vinegar (1teaspoon) and a pinch of salt and pepper- this is another beautiful dressing. Keep it tasty, simple and healthy!
  • Fresh lime or fresh lemon – Squeezed- Healthy, zesty and refreshing!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.38.38 PM.png

Now anyone who knows me knows i am a MASSIVE fan of cheese! I love it 0 but too much diary and having too much cheese can be unhealthy- so when creating a yummy salad I like to keep that in mind and to do so I always ensure I choose the following cheese and only a small handful!

  • FETTA: Im obsessed with fetta, and it goes SO well with balsamic vinaigrette and tomato.
  • GOATS CHEESE: This is a very different cheese which is great in all types of salads- its not that expensive either!
  • FRESH PARMESAN: Who doesn’t love parmesan! a shaving with salt, pepper and balsamic vinaigrette is to die for!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.42.47 PM.png

If I’m super hungry or I’m making a salad for my family and friends- I always love to add some extra crunch. I do that by roasting a handful or two of healthy nuts in a pan and placing it through the salad! My favourite nuts are:

-Sunflower Seeds

-Pine Nuts

-Slithered Almonds

They add a beautiful crunch and flavour to the right Salad!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.45.21 PM.png

This is my favourite component to a salad, It can turn a salad from a simple side dish, to a main meal! My tips for this is to ensure your proteins are rich and healthy, not something soaked in marinades or something fatty- opt for a lean, healthy protein form! Some of my favourites include:

1- Roast, Poached or Pan fried Chicken (100grams) I love chicken! Its so yum and super good for us! If your adding chicken opt for 100grams of chicken breast- for flavour you can add herbs or a healthy BBQ seasoning, Cajun seasoning and so on.

2- Roasted or Pan fried Turkey (100grams)  Another protein which is super good for us and very similar to chicken, in my opinion! You can add a healthy seasoning to this also!

3- Seafoods such as prawns, flake, fish, calamari, Salmon, Tuna – Adding a high protein form of seafood is another great option! We should always remember to be as healthy as possible and changing up your types of protein are also SUPER important! There is such a great tasting range of seafoods and they are all SUPER good for you, so don’t forget to change it up and watch the portions.

4-Mushrooms- A VERY high protein packed veggie that is super tasty in a warm salad and a great protein for vegetarians/vegans.

5- Eggs: I opt for only one or a few egg whites and the yolks are high in calories and fat. Egg whites are super high in protein and taste great in a hearty salad!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.53.55 PM.png

Now that you’ve spent a good amount of time creating the perfect salad, enjoy it and enjoy not having any guilt like you would after eating a Big Mac meal (you might not even feel guilt for that.. but lets just say you should haha!)

I hope you guys have got some healthy tips and ideas from my favourite salad options! Dont forget to subscribe for other handy/healthy tips and if you have any suggestions/questions please do not be afraid to ask!

Have a great week all  X




hey beauty lovers! My July Bella Box recently arrived and I tested the products just so I could review
them for you straight away! Haha! I was actually so much more excited about this box then I was with he last because this box came with the proper cute little blue and white poker dot bb gift box and my last edition didn’t haha! I know I know, such a small thing to get excited about but it did! This box was very different to my last, this box was basically filled with products that were mostly dedicated to skin care and skin products, there was only one product in the box that was makeup related. I had a lot of fun testing all these products and hope that my review on all of them help you guys decide whether or not the individual products shown are right for you, and hopefully save you guys some money in the long run! Okay, Let’s get started.
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.44.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.48.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.49.58 PM
4 piece gift set RRP: $39.00
available at:

okay so the colour I was provided with in my Bella box was a shade called ‘purple haze 04’ . This colour is super pretty and goes on more like a darkish glittered brown mixed with purple rather then a straight up purple pigment. The colour goes on so easily and blends well with other eyeshadows If blended correctly. What I found with this eyeshadow was that using brushes over it becomes a challenge. Because this shadow is more cream based, it is best applied from the stick to the eye rather then using brushes. I tried applying this product both ways and it works a lot better from stick to eye rather then using a burst. The product sticks to the brush and the finished look does not look as professional or clean. It’s a newly launched eyeshadow stick, however there are many other brands out there that supply these types of eyeshadows also. The compact design of the stick makes it very easy to store In a makeup bag or even in your hand bag to use on the go, as the stick Simone colour you don’t have to try and carry a whole eyeshadow palette out just to touch up your eye shadow.

– Easy to apply
– Eyeshadow is VERY long lasting and sticks to the eyelid very well, I noticed after wearing the shadow for 12 hours it was still on my lids with a high amount of shimmer and colour still noticeable
– Compact and easy to travel with.
– Good amount of shimmer within the product
– Range of colours are great.

– Much cheaper highly appreciated brands out here who stock the same type of eyeshadow
– Although this contradicts with the ‘long lasting’ pro, it’s an extremely hard shadow to get off. I tried using my hands and it was impossible, makeup wipes were used and I still needed to scrub a little, can be painful for the eye
– Price for the 4 pack- you can get this cheaper for individual colours and pick the colours you want and make your own 4 pack.
-Stick is easy to break, you need to be very careful when using it.

If you are a makeup lover, I would try this product just to have your own opinion on it, especially if you work long days like myself I can guarantee that the colour will stick to your eyelids and last throughout the day, however if you do more research within the eyeshadows on the market you will be able to find similar products from different brands for a cheaper price and of better quality. I suggest if you are a drug store product lover even look into portal, maybeline and Rimmel, they offer a great range with many more colour options to choose from. If you are someone who is really into looking after your skin also like myself I don’t suggest always using this product as it can be hard to remove and no one likes to scrub at their eyes or bring out erythema by just trying to remove makeup. Product also contains alcohol which is stripping on the skin which isn’t a positive either. Definitely a product I could live without however handy for hose on he go, long day working makeup lovers who need a product that will stay in place all day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.51.14 PM
89ml RRP: $60.00
Available at:

This is a sample product of a lightweight moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types. It’s purpose is to hydrate the skin and also help reduce the appearance of post acne dark marks, excess oil, shine and redness. I have never been a real big fan of proactive, and the ingredients they use to strip the skin and reduce the acne. The ingredients aren’t ones i agree with but then again, I personally have never suffered with acne in my life and haven’t used the proactiv line personally. My cousin however did and she swears by proactiv and how it helped clear up her skin. This product is something I did a test on as you will be able to see from the below photos/results. The smell of this product was lovely, and what I was very surprised about is it comes with a little spoon to scoop up the product and apply it to your face. Another thing that surprised me about this product was the amount. It states you need a fair mount for your face however I beg to differ, to cover my entire face all I needed was one small scoop! Pit covered my entire face and I still had product left over. The product was cold and smooth easy to apply and smells nice as well. Nothing worse then applying a product that doesn’t smell nice to your face and you have to smell it every time you breath! I’m not a proactiv fan as stated but I did like the feel of this product. I left it on my face for 8 hours and checked to see if my redness had gone down and it had! My face was also a lot softer then before placing the product on my skin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.00.57 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.01.56 PM

-Only a small amount is needed for your entire face
-Product does exactly what it states it does
-Soft on skin
-Easy to apply
-Comes with spoon to apply the product.
-Smells lovely
-Reduced my redness/erythema.

-Some of the ingredients are ones I try and avoid in skin products.
– Proactiv advertise to use this product with z4 other products showing they just want you to buy all their products. I know this is the aim and what they need to do for their business but when they are pushing you to buy other products to get the full effect, that annoys me
– Expensive for a moisturising cream.

If you do suffer from acne and redness of your face, I suggest trying this product. I don’t condone the ingredients in their acne products but I know a lot of people who do and who swear by proactiv and what their products do. The product did reduce my redness and make my skin feel soft and smooth which is what the product states to do. I am going to continue using the tester bottle but personally wouldn’t pay $60.00 for the retail product, I prefer using sothys, payout or skeyndor products with ingredients I agree with and are specifically made for my skin type.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.52.52 PM
125ml RRP $12.99
Available at: Priceline and My Chemist Warehouse.

I personally like to steer clear of drug store skin care products if I don’t agree with their ingredients however I still wanted to give this product a try. I’m a lot more strict when it comes to what I use on a daily basis when it comes to my skin as I always want to ensure I use the best products that will benefit my skin in every way possible. This deep clean scrub is described as a gentle daily scrub that is developed with beta hydroxy and gentle micro beads to clean deep down into the skins pores leaving a smoother healthier looking complexion. There a multiple ingredients in this scrub that I don’t like to use on my skin at all however I still tested it to be able to review the product correctly. When it comes to a exfoliant/scrub for my face I like to use natural exfoliates. There is an amazing walnut scrub facial exfoliant made by sothys that is so natural and beneficial on the skin, I’ll defineltey make sure I do a review on it for you guys- that’s defineltey my first choice in facial exfoliant so but back to this product- the first thing I did was place a small pea size amount on my hand to feel the texture and smell the product and I was surprised. The product smelt amazing, like summer flowers. It’s a pale pink colour and the texture of the product was thick and very grainy, which is obviously expected for a exfoliating scrub. What I liked about the granular a in this exfoliant was how small they were, they were not irritating yet they felt like they were massaging my skin, like small pieces of salt instead of an irritating ball that feels uncomfortable on the skin. Before placing the product on my face I dampened my face with warm water then spread the product evenly through my fingers and placed it onto my face evenly, avoiding my eye are. I used my hands to make circular motions around my face to ensure the granules were moving and exfoliating the skin. I left the product on my face for 3-5 minutes just to check if the product would make my face sting or not, I’ve noticed with many drug store exfoliants or toners they can make my face sting like crazy and I hate that it just shows how bad some of the ingredients are, however this product didn’t make my face sting at all. Washing it off was easy aswell just warm water splashed into my face a few times. I then used a towel and dabbed my face dry. After my face was dry I run the back of my hand down it and I was amazed at how soft my face actually was I couldn’t believe it. My face smelt Amazing and felt amazing. I am actually very surprised by this product.

-Price. Retail product size is under $13.00. As the product didn’t give my skin a bad reaction I find that, that is a good affordable price
– Smell. The product smells so summery and so pretty, the smell remains after you clean the product off your skin as well.
-Texture. the texture was great. As stated above the granules are not uncomfortable and it is very easy to apply to the skin
-Softer skin. After applying the product my skin was super smooth and dead skin was removed.

– I don’t particularly love all he ingredients in this product. I deffinetley try my hardest to use products with natural ingredients that are most beneficial for my skin.

If you are someone who doesn’t focus on all ingredients in a product and are just trying to mainly focus on a product that does the job for you I would deffinetley say give this a try. It’s affordable, smells amazing, easy to use and I personally had no negative reactions. I really do love the granules within this product and how soft and smooth my skin felt after using it. Not much product is needed either when using so you will not be going through bottles and bottles and wasting money.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.54.18 PM
400ml RRP:$6.79
Available at: Woolworths, Coles and IGA.

Okay so I loves this product as soon as I opened the bottle. I am an extreme strawberry lover. I love the fruit and I love products that smell like strawberries so as soon as I saw this product in my Bella box I had a shower straight away so I could try it. I a, a lot my lenient when it comes to drug store/cheaper exfoliant a when it comes to my body. I am a lot my strict in what products I use on my face but for my body I like to try different products and see what works best for me. This body wash/exfoliant not only smells incredible but does exactly what it says on the bottle. The description of this product is ‘ a delicious exfoliating body wash, available in tantalizing fruit sents of Acai berry, passion fruit and strawberry. Promises to renew and revitalise the skin. Throw into your travel bag for fresh and invigorated skin wherever your adventures take you’ what I loved is that not only did the product remove dirt from my body after a long day outside in the dirt and sweating it out at gym, but it also removed all the deed skin from my legs. Before using this product I checked my legs and because of being sick my skin looked horrible. You could see the dehydration and dead skin build up and I hate that. My legs are chalky white and so easy to see imperfections. When I used this product with both a Loofa and exfoliation mitt I was so happy with results. I jumped out of the shower, dried and checked my skin again and I was incredibly happy. They looked hydrated, healthy and super soft to touch and still smelt like strawberries! I then applied a moisturiser and went to sleep and when I woke up my legs looked 100% better then they did 12 hours prior! I was so incredible happy with the results from this product and it will be one I keep in my shower always.

– Super affordable
-Easy to apply
– Smells amazing
-Super soft and nourishing on the skin
– 2 in one- exfoliant and cleanser for the skin.
– Great consistency.
-Does exactly what the bottle says it will do.
-Works so well combined with a moisturiser, you will tell the difference instantly.

– being picky I would say a fair bit of product is needed to exfoliate the entire leg however it does soap up and can be moved across he leg surface with circular hand movements.

Overall as you can see there were many more pros then cons to this product. Like I said it would be a different story and I would be a lot more strict on this products ingredients if it was a product for my face but because i was exfoliating my body specifically my legs I was not as strict or worried about the products. I deffinetley suggest this product to you all. So easy and quick to use, comes in a range of fruity flavours to suit what you guys like best and really does hydrate, moisturiser and exfoliate the skin. It is so super affordable and so super handy to have in your shower!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.57.15 PM
25 pack RRP: $7.99
Available at Priceline and my Chemist Warehouse.

I have to give it to Bella box this time around! Everytime I receive a box and their are makeup wipes of facial wipes to try, they usually only provide you with one wipe to test and this makes it incredibly hard to review a product/properly try the product. I don’t know about you guys but it takes more than one small facial wipe tore move my makeup or excess dirt from my skin and to review a product correctly I require more than one small wipe to do so, what I loved about this Bella box was Nuetrogena has provided a pack of 7 wipes to try which is very generous!

When I opened these wipes I was actually incredibly surprised. They are a very large wipe and smell incredible. I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely hate using a makeup wipe or any product if it doesn’t smell nice. These wipes were super super soft to touch and super moist. I refuse to use makeup wipes if they don’t have a good amount. Moisture in them as I feel like I am using sandpaper on my skin if they are too dry. The description of the wipes state that they remove all traces of makeup, even water proof mascara, so I tested that as seen below. I placed a small amount of the above reviewed ‘modelco shadow stick’ on my wrist and let it sit there for a few hours. At the same time I also placed water proof mascara on my eyelashes and let that dry aswell. I then grabbed one of the wipes and used one small part of the wipe on my wrist. I had to move the wipe back and forth a few times to remove all of the product however it did not make my skin red as the wipe was super soft and had heaps of moisture so it wasn’t irritating on my skin at all. I then felt my skin after the moisture had dried. My wrist was super soft and smelt great!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.04.01 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.04.25 PM

Next was the waterproof mascara test. As you can see in the photos he results were fantastic! The mascara came straight off! I didn’t have to force it’s no I didn’t have to push super hard either! The mascara came off so easy! What I noticed with these wipes as well as they leave a oil on your face which is highly moisturising and highly hydrating! I really was impressed by these wipes.
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.06.01 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.07.00 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.08.02 PM

– Super soft wipe and so easy to use
– Glides over the skin so easily and moisturises the skin while removing dirt and makeup.
-Removes heavy pigments and thethick makeup.
-Removes waterproof makeup easily and without effort/force.
– Large wipes
– Does exactly what they say they will do.

– Price. I don’t agree with how much it costs these days just for makeup wipes that get thrown put after one use. This is my only con for this product and it probably wouldn’t be a con of I hadn’t discovered targets $2 makeup wipes that remove all signs of makeup and exfoliate the skin.

If you don’t mind paying almost $8.00 for makeup wipes then I highly suggest this product. They are super soft, super hydrating and super effective when it comes to removing makeup, dirt and other build ups such as sweat after a workout and excess oils from the skin. Deffinetley a great product.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.57.34 PM
40ml RRP: $44.99
This is a bonus product added to the Bella box. It’s only a one time sample. The product is a an anti fatigue moisturising cream. I tried this product after cleansing my skin and I was very surprised by it. The cream was so so soft and super hydrating as soon as I placed it on my face. I felt super awake and surprisingly super relaxed! It’s hard to say if this product would continue to work as you only get a small amount to test. I’m not going to do pros and cons of this product as it’s very hard to review. It’s harder for me to give you guys advise on if you should use this product or not with the little bit I tried. From first impressions though. I deffinetley loved the feel and effect of this product and once I buy a retail bottle I’ll do a further review.

Spain guys, that concludes my product review on my July Bella Box subscription! I hope you guys got some vital information on the skin products used today and you are intrigued by some of the products and want to try them yourselves! Hopefully I can save you all some money when it comes to the products and you loved them just like I do! Stay tuned as still to come this week are my July favourites for my purchased products this month and my August wish list! Products that I would love to purchase this August!

If you guys have any questions please hit me up via twitter or Instagram! My username on both are @teganaudrey

Until next time Guys!
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