Hey guys! I thought seeing as my last post was all about my current skincare loves, I would now let you in on all my current makeup loves! It still amazes me every single day how much makeup is growing and all the new and exciting things that all brands are coming up with! Just when we think we have seen it all, a brand brings out something new that blows all us makeup lovers brains and keeps us guessing with what will actually be created next!

Take me back a year ago I was all about doing full glam every single day, but when I’m not working, I like to keep it more on the natural side, so I’ll be able to cater for the full glam gals and guys as well as the more natural glam gals/guys with this post! So before i keep rambling on, lets get started!


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This little bottle of absolute heaven has been my number one go to for a natural, bronzed glow. The product is infused with Argan oil which is super hydrating for your skin so while it makes your makeup look fresh and flawless, its also helping give your skin that extra boost of hydration!

Pros: A bottle of this illuminizer lasts me MONTHS! The smallest amount (pea size) will cover your entire face and keep you glowing for days. I even sometimes multi use it by adding it over my foundation for a natural highlight without using powder highlighters. Its super light weight and can be worn by itself for a natural glow too! I love that it has the argan oil through it to keep your skin happy, hydrated and glowy!

Cons: I dont really have cons for this product, it is worth the price, however if you use to much your whole hands are glowy, so i suggest using a brush, thats more of a tip than a con though!

Price: $37.00  from


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We all know how much smashbox slay the game when it comes to their primers, one of their new ones is the two in one primerizer – a primer and moisturiser in one! The formula is super light weight, super hydrating and just feels like the perfect base before you slay your face with makeup.

Pros: The product delivers 24 hour hydration which is perfect for my fellow Australians with the warm weather already starting to hit us! (thank god!) As I said, the formula is super light so when applying to the skin its not thick or heavy. Whats incredible about this primer is that there is zero dry time, so if you/re in a rush as soon as you place it on the skin you can get straight into your foundation base, unlike so many other primers!

Cons: Once again, theres not much negativity I can say about this product, only thing as a skin specialist, I still use a moisturiser underneath this primer as I’m pretty strict with my skincare routine!

Price: $61.00 available at


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Ive truly gone through a whole bottle of this so quickly! Not because its small or wastes quickly, but because i’m absolutely OBSESSED with it!! This new little spray by too faced is a multi use product, You can use it as a spray primer, a setting spray for your makeup and a hydration booster spray for the warm weather us Australians have been experiencing lately, Its honestly one you need in your makeup bag!

Pros: Its three in one, so its perfect for travel, its perfect if you dont want to use multiple products for your makeup and its PERFECT for the warmer weather we are getting! It smells like a tropical holiday and is honestly my go-to for everything. Its not sticky like other setting sprays and works so well when going for that natural glow!

Cons: Honestly cannot fault this product, the bottle is large so you get so much out of it. Its a must have!

Price: $46.00 available at


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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.44.53 AM.png

If you are a mecca beauty junkie you would know all about the Mecca lit from within highlighter.. well.. now we have the mecca cosmetica lit from within illuminating drops and let me just say.. I’m OBSESSED! These little drops of heaven are multi use and will keep you glowing for days! the drops are super light weight and work in multiple different ways to keep you dewy, glowing and hydrated!

Pros: Ive been into liquid illuminators for a while now and after trying this one, what i love about it is how light weight it is, but how much of a natural glow it gives the skin. Its soft, silky and blends so easily! You can use this product mixed with your foundation, mixed with your moisturiser or serum for a natural glow and an extra boost of hydration or even on top of your foundation for a liquid heaven highlight!

Cons: The only thing I would change about this product is the size, I literally want all of the lit from within illuminator and NEED it all, but thats just me being greedy 😉

Price: $45.00 available at


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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.54.22 AM.png

Have you ever gotten super angry after doing your makeup perfectly, then you go and set with powder and you look dry, powdery and it ruins your whole look? Well not with this bad boy in your life! These powders will set your makeup but keep your skin looking glowy, even and beautiful. The dim light colour is my favourite, but there are multiple to chose from that mimic different lighting effects.

Pros: The powder is super velvety which means it sets to the skin beautifully and makes your skin still look glowy and natural. The packaging and product is beautiful, which hourglass are so amazing when it comes to any product they produce and how they display them! The compact lasts forever and only the smallest amount is needed to set your foundation!

Cons: I personally cannot fault this product, but if you are someone who prefers a matte finish, Id suggest not going for something like these powders, however I would always suggest going into a local mecca and trying it on the skin, I’m sure you will fall in love with it!

Price: $67.00 available at



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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.36.07 AM.png

This heaven sent highlighter has always been one of my go-to favourites! This mineral based highlighter is super soft, so easy to blend and gives the perfect pop of highlight to the face. The colour works on me when I am pale and when I have a fake tan, which I love! I’ve even used this all over the skin when I run out of my hourglass ambient [powder and it set my foundation perfectly!

Pros: Theres 77 mineral complexes in this powder that glide on the skin so smoothly. I love the beautiful natural highlight this powder gives! Its soft, velvety and the perfect highlight for so many skin tones!

Cons: I find that i go through these pretty quickly, but thats only probably because I use it all the time!

Price: $48.00 available at


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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.56.09 AM.png

So if you guys were not aware, Mecca have launched their new brand called mecca max for all your beauty needs at beautiful affordable prices, and let me just say – this foundation is my go to love at the moment! Its a medium to full coverage foundation, velvety and blends perfectly! Theres 8 beautiful shades to chose from and number 4 looks perfect with a fake tan! Ive gone through bottles of this foundation already thats how much i LOVE it!!

Pros: This product is SO affordable, yet SO good!! I honestly was blown away when i tried it. It blends so perfectly, its so easy to build up to full coverage and stays on all day! If you dont want to spend heaps of money on a foundation this one is perfect! You get the great quality for such a great price.

Cons: I cant fault this one either, only thing i wish is there were more shades so I can fill my whole kit up with them!

Price: $32.00 available at


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Anyone who knows my personally knows how obsessed I am with my liquid liners, and Ive found my NUMBER ONE in this perversion pen by URBAN DECAY.  The pen not only makes it easier to get that wing razor sharp and perfect, but you can achieve such a fine line with them which makes it a perfect pen for beginners as well!

Pros: i suffer from bad watery eyes (i cry when i laugh its actually super weird) so the fact that this pen is waterproof, and actually lives up to that makes me so happy! Trust me when I say i have tried so many liquid liners, and this one is by far my number one – so all my fellow liquid liner lovers – I suggest you give this a go, I’m almost certain you will love it too!

Cons: The only thing i can say, like many liners- I feel like it runs out pretty quickly, but thats probably because I use it every day – however you push the pen and it will drain out all the liquid, which means you get the most out of the product. Another thing I wish it had was more colour choice, currently only black available so it would be great to see some different colours!

Price: $36.00 available at


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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.07.58 PM.png

I dont think I go anywhere without this bad boy in my bag! This has got to be my all time favourite clear brown gel, it literally keeps my brows in shape for a buy day – whether thats with work, gym, the warm weather- I touch my brows all the time and this gel just ensures that they stay in place like i had only just done them!

Pros: The wand is super easy to use with 4 different lengths to decide how you want the brows to look (brushed up, more defined etc) the gel keeps your brows in place ALL day long and the product lasts forever! I use it every day and I’ve had mine for 3 months and there is still SO much product left.

Cons: Theres only one thing I can fault, is the smell of the gel – it might be because I’m sensitive to scents, but it actually isn’t the nicest smell in the world!

Price: $42.00 available at


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.16.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.18.50 PM

If you have not heard of this product, then I’m sure you have been living under a rock – this is one of the most popular concealers on the market, and I 100% know why! Ive been using this concealer for years and i can honestly say I am obsessed!

Pros: There are so many pros for this product, its creamy, full coverage, really easy to blend and works so well as a skin tone concealer of if you’re like me, going 1-2 shades lighter to highlight certain points under the face. This concealer has hydrating properties so it will not dry out when you are using it either!

Cons: Theres only two things I can fault on this product, it is small, so it doesn’t last long – and SOMETIMES it sits in my creases – but that also depends on my skin!

Price: $44.00 available at


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.27.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.27.53 PM

So before telling you why I love this product, you may see the photo above looks way too dark for my skin tone to be a highlighter – thats because bare minerals have created highlighters for different skin tones – and i chose the deep-dark to use as a bronzer. As soon as I saw the orange tone marble mixed with a beautiful dark tan colour, I knew it would look perfect to define the cheek bones! the product has a beautiful amount of shimmer, so if you are like me and love the glow in both your highlighters and your bronzers, that is easy to blend, this is a MUST try product for you!

Pros: This is a mineral based product, so not only do you know its good to be placed on your skin, but the buttery texture blends so perfectly and makes it easy to have a beautiful textured tone and not a harsh line. This line by bare minerals mimic the sunlight, so when your skin is in the sun, you look natural, glowy and chiseled to perfection 😉

Cons: Another one i cant fault, its SUPER pigmented, so make sure when you use it, to tap your excess off and slowly build your colour.

Price: $40.00 available at


So guys, I hope you liked this one! It was a list of just a few of my go-to favourites, but Im currently writing a larger list containing eyeshadow palettes and my favourite lashes too, that will be coming next week so make sure you keep an eye out for that one! Thank you so much for reading and if you would like me to review or try any products for you guys, please dont hesitate to message me and let me know! ❤


Until next time,





Happy Tuesday all! I hope the start of your week has been productive and positive! Over the weekend I noticed that this month, there had been SO many things that I’ve been obsessed with and things that I think are really cool and addictive and thought I would share some of my current favourites with you all! The below showcase some of my favourite make-ups, clothes, brands, foods, places and things to do as well as so much more! Ive also added some things that are getting to me, things im stressed about and all around things Im doing/Obsessing over! I hope some of my favourites give you guys some ideas on things to do/thinks you also might think are really cool/dope! Okay, lets do this!


Anyone who knows me knows loved JB since he began bringing music out in 09′. I’ve been to all his Melbourne shows, spent thousands of dollars on concerts, met him 3 times. He is a large part of my life and seeing that everyone is starting to jump on the Bieber wagon is so dope! I am so super proud of him and his new album ‘purpose’ is for sure album of the year for 2015! I’ve chosen Sorry as my favourite song because not only is it so easy to jam too, but it has incredible lyrics and such a good beat! perfect for summer, I love it!


Okay- I’m obsessed with Grill’d. I only really allow myself to have one cheat meal/day a week and I swear i ALWAYS end up at grill’d I’m lucky that my boyfriend loves it too! The burgers are the healthiest ive ever had (I mean high in calories but they hit my macros well – carbs,fats,proteins) However, I ALWAYS order the same thing!!



Okay so this brand is so dope! I’m literally obsessed! Recently I have had to force myself off their website! I became familiar with the brand a month or so ago, then I saw that Kylie Jenner (who i think is so incredibly beautiful and her style is to die for) was spotted in some really amazing tights, and I noticed they were Dead Studios! They are super affordable and they have a range of pants, tops, jumpers, socks- all really cool ‘active wear’ which you can dress up or down, I’m hooked!

You can check them out at:



Okay so I recently did a post on my beauty instagram about my favourite brands, I named three of them, but If I really dug deep, Id say my most loved and definitely my favourite brand currently is ‘Morgan Taylor’ the bottles are super cute, the colour range is to die for and not only is the varnish SO easy to apply but it sits well, dries well and looks so nice on! Check out some of my favourite shades/colours!



Oh my goodness. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I complained to my boyfriend over the weekend about how much I wanted one of these things! I only enjoy bad food like, one day a week if that so because I didnt get it on the weekend, my craving is still so STRONG for one of these bad boys! The closest Starbucks from my house is the city, they removed it from my local shopping centre (no idea why it was amazing) I order the white choc mocha frappuccino with half strength coffee, as I’m not a large coffee drinker. Honestly, this frappuccino is to die for, you all have to try it! Its my treat this weekend for sure.


Seriously.. This is such an addiction.. I’m obsessed. I pay like $5.00 a month and its so worth it as I’m constantly scrolling through it and watching videos, tutorials and other crazy cool things.  For those of you who don’t know, the ‘Kylie’ app is an application that was created by Kylie Jenner and is a private app which you can only access if you pay for it. Its also available to sign in via the computer. The app literally showcases Kylies life. Her make-up tutorials, her favourite products, favourite clothes, private videos, question and answers, house tours! Its legit such an incredible app and ive learnt so many cool tricks from it!


I actually adore all aspects of the app- I didnt want to post videos obviously as its copy right but My favourite is Kylies tutroials and house tours! So fun to watch! You can buy it from the app store or visit


Okay dont judge me, Ive had a set of these in my make up containers for SO long but never used them because I didn’t like the design. Dont ask, I know its such a stupid reason, but on Friday night I left my favourite MAC brushes at my Dads and needed something for the weekend so I found them at my Mums in my room and I am SO glad I did! These are so good! They are super soft, super easy to apply makeup with and so good with product. I adore them! I have not stopped using them at all this week! They are SO cheap too! Like 6-7 dollars a brush!



Okay so it isn’t a surprise that my fav TV show is Supernatural! It has been for years, but recently ive been addicted to the new Season (11) of Geordie Shore as well as the new Season (11) of Keeping up with the Kardashians! I’m hooked! So good! Such funny shows and so much drama!


EXAMS: I have 2 weeks left of school so exams are becoming super crazy! I’m always stressing about school and my grades!

PLANNING MY 21st: I turn 21 in less then 2 weeks and I have so many things I need to plan for my DIY family party its crazy! ah!

MY WEIGHT: I suffer from body dysmorphia so im constantly stressing about how i look, what I eat and feeling fat!


I adore this foundation. Im always SO picky with my foundations because I want to hide all imperfections- Im deffinetley not a ‘light’ ‘natural’ type makeup girl, thats for sure haha! I dont love spending $70.00 on a foundation..but its worth it and its long lasting! Some of my favourite things about this base is:



Okay so before anyone thinks I want these because materialistic things matter most to me, I promise that’s not the case! I’m due for a new car and the Voloster is everything! I’m obsessed with it! I also blog off my ipad and my main imac and I really really want, well need a Macbook to be able to blog, work and do school work anywhere, any time! These are just two wants of mine, and they have been for so so long!



So November/December are definitely my FAVOURITE months of the year! My birthday, summer, Christmas! so many things to look forward too!

THIS WEEKENDS FIGHT EVENT: My boyfriend, Ryan works for a sporting company called ‘Sting Sports’ they are incredible guys, check them out! ( Anyway, so my partner has gotten hold of some tickets to a Muay Thai event this weekend! He took me, his Dad and his best mate to a boxing event a few months back and we had the BEST time, so the fact that there is a new event and we get to watch it and watch the fighters fight in sting merch is the best! Im so proud of my boy and excited to watch some knock outs!

MY 21ST BIRTHDAY: Eep! I cannot believe in less than 2 weeks Ill be 21! My parents always say to enjoy the moment while I can because after you turn 21, time flies! I feel like that was the truth when I turned 18! Im excited and sad at the same time, just because… well.. once you are 21.. that’s the best birthday! what other ones are there to enjoy? haha! 7th of December is the date… just in case you all were wondering ;)!

MY 21ST PARTY: The week after I turned 21 im having a party at home, nothing major and I didn’t even invite most of my friends! Its literally just family, my boyfriend, his family and like, 5 close friends! Nothing major, just small  but i am SO excited to see everyone and celebrate the milestone! Ive planned the party along side my Mum and we have done a lot of it DIY so im SO keen to show off our hard work!! Ill definitely be blogging about these events!

CHRISTMAS: Okay anyone who knows me knows im OBSESSED with Christmas! Its my FAVOURITE holiday event! Ive had my christmas tree up since October! I love celebrating with family, I love the atmosphere, the tree, the food, the faces on my close friends and family when I give them a gift, its just beautiful! My boyfriends Mum is coming down this year, she lives in Sydney so im super excited to spend a Christmas with her and her husband too!

So guys, these are just a few of the things on my mind/what im loving currently! Let me know if you want any further info/details on the brands/products/things Ive stated!

I hope you all have an incredible week!

All My love and well wishes

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